Friday, November 23, 2007

55Flash Fiction Friday


Driving home from dinner today I saw a man walking down the street all alone.
"That poor man is all alone on Thanksgiving, honey."
"Well maybe he's an asshole", he said.
Later at the video store, he saw a woman walking alone and said, "Alone on Thanksgiving, how sad."
"Well, maybe she's an asshole," I said.


This really happened today as we were coming home from turkey dinner at a friends. I guess it's all about perspective, isn't it? I hope you are all stuffed to the gills and having a wonderful weekend, and if you were alone today, I hope it was because you are an asshole! Be sure to let us know if you played so we can all come over and check out your 55!!!



Akelamalu said...

LOL that was so funny! Great 55 says it all.

My second attempt at 55 is up.

LisaPizza said...

As always, very entertaining. My 55 is up so please come check it out.

Queenie said...

Great 55 showing the warmer side of your nature, Susie did you really say that?????
I'm up

Anonymous said...

So funny, I love it.

airplanejayne said...

those assholes better stay outta my way shopping....

My 55 is up!

lime said...

lol, love the irony there. i'm not posting today because i am still trying to digest, the tryptophan affected my brain i think.

Mike M said...

Great 55 Susie!

Polt said...

I played.

Asshole deserve to be alone on Thanksgiving, dontcha think? :)


TigerLady said...

good little 55 .. I liked that ...I have written one .. its on my blog in myspace ( ).. so dark .. others are posted as well from past fridays .. hope all had a good thanksgiving *smile*

Mona said...

So fill the hole!

Get them together!!

My 55 is up too Susie!

Smarmoofus said...

Perspective is everything, isn't it?

I'm up, a bit late as it's Saturday already.

Anonymous said...

hey Sis, just went your your blog and looked at all your clothes, everything is so cute. Love the pic of you 2 making pies, too cute. Tell gman I said hi.And li'l Rita. miss you lots,Love J

Charles said...

Hi Susie,

Unfortunately, most who are alone on Thanksgiving aren't assholes, I would venture to guess, and to compound the problem with that, there's plenty of those a-holes that aren't. I wasn't alone.

I have a couple of 55s up.

S said...

So maybe he WAS an asshole, maybe she WAS an asshole. I can be mean on Thanksgiving if I want to cant I?
Besides, that FICTIONAL 55 is very personal soooooo....ya know....take it easy there people.

Hope you all had a non assholish Thanksgiving!

Its my blog and I'll be mean if I want to.

G-Man said...

Hi to anonymous!!
(Susie..? Do I know this person?)
I loved your 55 Susie..
There ARE a lot of ass-holes out there!!

jillie said...

OH MY...I guess that give me a whole perspective on things. I'm going to make sure I am never alone for the holidays. I don't want (or should I say anymore) people to think I'm an asshole....LOL!!!!