Friday, November 30, 2007

55Flash Fiction Friday

To Heck WithThe Mall!

Handknitted sock monkeys, cool! Perfect for my sister she thought and hit the buy button. Over here in this shop I need Ugly Bob and Sock Creature Ellie ! A handpainted sugar skull necklace, no way! Holiday shopping for unique handmade items has never been easier thanks to she sighed. Who needs the mall?
I'm sorry I'm late! Todays 55 is sortof fictional but I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you all about ETSY. If you don't already know, ETSY is sort of like Ebay, although you do not bid, the prices are fixed, and everything is handmade!
You can buy some pretty cool artwork on ETSY, as well as unique clothing, toys, accessories, wood furniture, gadgets, handmade fabrics, knickers and lots, lots more. ALL of it handmade from all over the world! If you have a long list of gifts to buy this season, why not go over and check it out.
Heres the Link:
You will be so pleased at what you will find there, that you might never go to a mall, a Walmart, or a Target again. That is my evil plan.

I have a shop there too, but you already know that....and if you want to see it, it looks right now very much like a disheveled dress shop after a wild sale! You can get there with the link on my sidebar which shows a few of my handmade things.
I'm not saying get over there and spend your money with me, because I specialize in handmade womens clothing, and everybody knows, noone looks as hot in bloomers as the G~man himself!.....but I am saying get over there and see the amazing gift alternatives that you can grab without even leaving your computer!

No Traffic! No waiting! No lines! No parking lots! No big box stores! No malls! Hurray!
Now, isnt that cool?
Let us know if you all wrote a 55 so we can come over and check it out! And if you need help counting those words, you can always get Charles awesome 55 word counting tool!

Have a lovely weekend!


Sophia said...

Great 55...I'm on my way to check out that site right now! And mine is up!

Snow White said...

Another terrific 55, Susie! And I'll be over to shop soon... I SO love not havint to hit the malls!

And I 55-ed today!

Have a great weekend!


Flash said...

i am so with you on the Screw the Mall thought. i hate shopping during this time of year. I just sit, and order everything offline. 1 day, for 4 hours, I get all my shopping done!

and great 55!

Little Wing said...

Great 55 Susie, I am on my way to check it out!!

lime said...

it's all true. remember the wonderful things i found? the stuffed testicle hanging mobile? who wouldn't like to find that under the christmas tree?!

smarmoofus said...

Oooh, ETSY sounds really nifty. I'm on my way to look around. Thanks! Who needs the mall, indeed.

LisaPizza said...

Lovely items. Thanks for sharing. To whom will the skull pendant be going. Luck person! I'll be back when my 55 is posted.

smarmoofus said...

Wow, Susie... has a lot of stuff. It'll take me weeks to sift through it all. I can't believe this is all handmade. Some of the furniture pieces look professional. And the clothes... Sheesh.

Now to find your shop!

(Did I mention I'm up with my 55? I got distracted and forgot to link to it: ... there.)

Irish Mama said...

I'll definitely check out the site. And mine is up...late but up.


snowelf said...

I am hand making so many gifts this year myself--but I am totally going to check this out because I dig stuff like this so much!!

Happy Friday Susie!!


Anonymous said...

hey Sis, Love the cute bunny,that would be good for your sister! Cute story, I think I will look at the site,as soon as I have time.... Sorry I did not do my 55 this week , maybe next..... Love sis :)

Mona said...

ah! who care for the Malls when shopping is just a click away!

But I liked the 'tour' of your shop..which was also a click away :D

Like you I am late in posting my 55, but late than never...

Rebicmel said...

GReat 55 and that is an awesome sock thingy. I gotta check that place out.

Queenie said...

Got my 55 out on time, but had a s--t Friday, so I'm only just getting chance to visit them all. Going to have a look around the shops now, hope they deliver to the UK.