Monday, November 26, 2007

Tupperware Stripper!

Well now, time for something totally different! Not a Tori or a Rufus in sight! Thanks, FG, for this crazy new band, STUMP, a mid/late 80's band.. Well, new to me, anyway....sorry, I dont know much about this band, yet, but they seemed like pretty cool blokes, and a barrel o fun, too!

Tupperware Stripper

In other news, the farmers market is over for the year, and I have survivied. Tell me I must be crazy, because I have once again been elected to the board and remain committed to the happiness of tomatoes and their customers for two more years! Ah well, it will keep me out of trouble.

Have a lovely week, everyone!



Seamus said...

Seems appropriate to have a hot tomato on the tomato board! ;)

LisaPizza said...

"Committed to the happiness of tomatoes", what a lovely phrase. If you google it, this is what you get...

lime said...

rotflmao @ the name of the song. my mom was a tupperware lady for years and took me to tosme 'team building meetings' once. lemme tell ya those people are weird! it's like some sort of religious cult based on plastics!

congrats on your survival. on the board huh? well good luck with that!

G-Man said...

For once I wish I had sound on one of your vids!..xoxox

Anonymous said...

well well well...i REALLY didn't think you were gonna use this for your musical offerings Suse...!!!

i'm really lovin' their vid for 'Charlton Heston' right now as well...i saw these guys play just once and i cannot remember a damn thing about the gig...!!!

jeez...must have been drunk...!!!
lol ;) xxx