Friday, May 11, 2007

55Flash Fiction Friday

Actual unretouched photo of parents at large Friday morning, 12:45 am, 5/11/07
It was a dark and stormy night
in my head
kid was at camp
what could they do
forced to party
the local disco
not too old to get in!
1 am
Mr Ratburn pretends he doesnt have to get up at 5 am
Two shots of whiskey
10 dances later
A dark and stormy night


My lord, what have I done? G~man, it's 12:45 am...I must really love you, and Barman, to do this now....does it make any sense? Really, I have no idea.

It's Friday...write me something already, willya?


TorAa said...

Hehe- Good morning. Had a good night's sleep. Everything OK? Head is clear?

You guys seems to have lots of fun. That's what it's all about: Enjoy life as long as you can. Think positive.

Have a great weekend - home alone - wow.

Regal said...

Happy HNT!

RE: My Cingular HNT - just grateful it wasn't as bad as what other parents tell me...$400....$600!

lime said...

wooohooo!!! i can't believe you guys got outta bed long enough to take pics! hehehehe

barman said...

Very lovely and I must say, great use of missing children time.

I was right there with you. I laid down for a little and got up, probably about 12:45 and went to sleep after 3:00 or was that 4:00. Morning came early even without drinking, let me tell you.

Oh something good came of my time. I wrote a 55 also. Happy morning Suze.

MONA said...

you sure had fun[ the picture says it all]

Hey you both look great together!

& the 55 is 'suitable'

Breazy said...

LOL! Good 55! I hope you all have had fun with little Rita being gone. Everybody needs time like that now and again. Hope you have a good weekend.

LisaPizza said...

Happy Friday! How many days left sans child? Enjoy every minute!

Gawpo said...

Okay. This is great. I am going to like it here. And I love kids who are around three thousand six hundred and fifty days old. You are bleSSed.

(hi, Limers!!!!!!)

S said...

45 minutes left without child! LOL
ack ack someone come over and get me it trouble, will ya?

G-Man said...

"Oh I'll be back"......

Riiiiight! *wink*

jillie said...

AND she pulls off a 55! You crack me it though ;o)

cathy said...

LOL, you've just given me next week's 55. These things feed off each other. Glad you guys had fun.