Thursday, May 31, 2007

55Flash Fiction Friday

It has been days since she has eaten
the rations are finally delivered
tasty and crunchy
she greedily lets crumbs fall where they might
crackers fill her fists
at night after eating
she has strange visions
of screams and mechanical sounds of machinery
her dinner is ready
soylent green is people!
Ack ack Im sick, I that film, how about you? Have a wonderful weekend and please let me know if you played today, so we can all come over and check out your writings!


cathy said...

More green food!
though not I surmise vegetarian.
If you're sick what am I?

G-Man said...

They're PEOPLE!!
They're People!!
They're People...I've tried eating a few people in my day,I prefer to to call it....
Soylent Pink!

lime said...

i counted but i haven't 55'd. the muse hasn't struck yet....

and gman makes a good point.....

jillie said...

You know I loved that movie as cheesey as it is! soon as I saw those green chips I knew exactly what they were!

LOL....I tried to do a 55 but just got carried away and will do it later. Too many words to write for Irish whiskey taste testing. You should have been there!

Ameratis said...

I played today :) Though amazingly I have no idea to which movie you are referencing. I will have to Google it LOL

Logophile said...

There are better ways to get your protein

Mine is isn't about killing anyone or eating anyone, how boring :p

Gawpo said...

My favorite Soylent Green experience is when SNL did that hilarious skit. I'm just too lazy today to even attempt a 55'er.

I need a nap.......zzzzzzz

Charles said...

You are so, so clever... my, my, my. Love your HNT pics and poem. Have a fun weekend, eh?

snowelf said...

Hey Susie!

Okay, but I'm just as bad, cause that was hilarious!

I finally wrote my first 55Flash Fiction Friday post. :)

I LOVED your shoe post--that was so cute!