Friday, May 25, 2007

55Flash Fiction Friday & Weekend Update

Ack! As if one of me isn't enough, look what BS has gone and done!
It was Friday already, yet she hadn't showed up for 55! It wasn't like her at all to flake on such things. Clearly G~man and Barman were worried, so they went over to check things out. They were horrified at what they found.
There she was, Barefoot Mistress suspended in air, unable to get down.....

Have a lovely weekend everyone, I'll just be hanging around up here until I can figure out how to get down.


G-Man said...

Well Thought Out
Clearly one of your most serious efforts!!
But since I'm first...WTF?
Thanks Susie...xox

cathy said...

not like G to be sarcastic! LOL
Go girl, let's laugh a little, It makes a nice change from my 55's for manic depressives:)

SignGurl said...

Very nice, Susie!

I played again this week.

barman said...

You know, you could save a fortune on shoes if you never touched the ground again. That and weight is no long relevant I would think.

Heck, I am not help get you down. I want to come join you instead. Weeeeeeee!

Breazy said...

Susie that is a great pic! Hope you have a good weekend!

lime said...

wow, so this is the opposite of 'i've fallen and i can't get up!' i'ts 'i jumped and i can't get down!'


Logophile said...

Let this be a warning to you children, this is what happens to people who are not properly grounded.

S said...

Um Logo, could you just grab my ankle there and pull me down?

bsoholic said...

Haha! Sweet chop, and story to match. Great work S! :D

G-Man said...

Hey...I wanna grab Susies ankle!!

...I'll wait my turn.

Psychedelic Susie!!
Far Out Man!!

Charles said...

I love the second picture... I think that about sums you up!

Hope you're well!

G-Man said...


As if one Susie wasn't enough eh?

Two Susies?
Me Likey!!

Strumpet said...

Oh my God!

I WANT your bloomers!

AND your trampoline.

But, I think I would be just as excited about bouncing on the tramp with you and Barman.

Sounds like a splendid time indeed.


MONA said...

I can't see the suspension wire!

LOL @ Lime's Opposites!!

Love the pics susie.. Cant believe the extent you go to doing all this for the blog!

Cant wait to see what next! :D

G-Man said...

Susie....heres a light!

RennyBA said...

You've taught me this phrase, so I just return the favor: 'Now You Sly Me Susie!'

Btw: I just love you when you are high, so why bother getting down?

barman said...

Looks like lots of room for people to join. Where is everyone? Maybe we can even put up the safety so Lime can join in. G-man, got you trampoline bouncing shoes on? I will join if you join. It will be fun.

S said...

Yeah cmon its almost time for Musical Monday! Get on up here right now~

G-Man said...

Susie....Memorial Memorial Monday!!
Rufus wants a vacation!!