Friday, May 18, 2007

55Flash Fiction Friday

For weeks now, he loomed outside of the garden walls
watching her dance in the water
the moonlight reflecting from her green hair
her lavender skin he longed to touch
and those beautiful horns, so...
she felt him there
her love
tonight he jumps
and slides into molten lava
she is alone again
Body And Soul

I am becoming so efficient here at susies the boss! Today I have combined my 55
with a little peek at a new Tori tune, and a glance at one of the lastest things sweeping the cyberworld. Now, I dont know about you, but I have never heard of this World of Warcraft stuff until I went looking on Youtube for some new Tori.
If you watched the video just now, you know what I am talking about!
Personally, I would love to be a 7 foot tall woman, with arms that hang down to my knees and end in giant fuzzy paws, 2 foot long horns sticking outa my green hair, which sorta blends in there with my maximus unibrow, coupled with a 15 inch waist, and big round boobs and buns like hers, wouldn't you?
Heh! Now I would really be interested in that World of Warcraft if it involved hacking down wilderness, homesteading, sewing or even building stuff with power tools, but I just dont wanna play war ok? Cant they make a girlie version of this game where we just get to look cool in our orange bikinis while refinishing the parquet?
Please, if you are into this World of Warcraft thing..tell me, what have I been missing?
Happy Weekend everyone and thanks for playing along with us! If you need to know more about Flash Fiction Friday, go here.


G-Man said...

You are the Queen!!
...NO, I take that back.
You are the BOSS!
Thanks Susie..xoxox

cathy said...

wow! love the story and the video. I always was a bit of a d fantasy freak though.(beats the shit out of rufus. LOL)

barman said...

Very nice. I have something to aspire to.

I had such a hard time even coming up with something to write about this week. My mind is not being creative this week.

Caroline said...

Coco and I cannot believe Hannah's hair - so cool. Coco's reaction was "WOW"

Caroline said...

Hi Susie - this is Coco - I love Hannah's hair - tell her I say HI!

javajazz said...

Susie, i like your Extraterrestrial FF55! i tried my second FF55 as well, today, welcoming my son home from college, but i believe there may be more photos than words!

i remember Warcraft, having had both a son and a daughter, i got everything from typical boystuff to girls changing their outfits every hour on the hour! Sarah shocked me at age 2 starting her hourly wardrobe changes, when i could wear the same sweats for days! and my son was too weird (and non warrior like) to play warcraft, so he made up his own creative games...
i love the finishing the parquet floors in the orange bikini idea, for the start of the womens version of WC, (what would we call it...KITCHEN?) but i wouldnt be caught dead in a least not in this lifetime...!
thanks for hosting FF55! xo lisa

gledwood said...

Hey I just read your profile. You're as old as I feel!!

Found you via Lime via GMan via Pink Ginger via Dan the Man (if you were wondering).

You have a lively blog! I've never done that Warcraft thing. I was thinking of taking a look at 2nd life when I get the time.

You're welcome to drop by mine :: gledwood2.blogspot is my main one - my online journal type of thing. I also have 2 video blogs. One musical the other funny clips. See you there maybe!

All the best 2u

"gledwood vol 2"

S said...

Yes Java, I think we should call the ladies version KITCHEN, LOL

MONA said...

That was an angel!

Hell's angel!

Who said hell was a bad place!!!

I love the song & the verse...Madam Boss!

lime said...

youtube is being pissy for me today....

and susie, i about split a gut over the game being played in orange bkinis while refinishing the rock!

lime said...

my version of the game is going to be mosaic-ing the kitchen wall in a dashiki, ok?

javajazz said...

well, these can all be components of the game, you see, so we can appeal to a more diverse crowd of potential women players...i was going to say everything from the dense, to the down to earth, to the distinguished...we need to develop our format a bit more....
whats a dashiki? nevermind...i'll look it up, but it sounds like a martini...
so, KITCHEN...what's the end goal of the get into the bedroom, or shall we smarten that up a wee bit? (to get to the parquet flooring workshop?)
okay, i'm getting something here...(this is usually where i lose my audience!) um, the game will be about our innermost passions...shedding our outer skins to get to where we really are!
(see, i lost you, right?)
okay, forget that...
how about we base it on shopping?
aquiring things, but the things have to be related to our feelings and passions...? okay, i'm burnt out already.

S said...

I say yes to all of hte above, JJ

G-Man said...