Monday, May 14, 2007

Musical Monday, Weekend Recap, La Plage, Red Hair....

Image hosting by PhotobucketThis week, I wanted to combine Musical Monday, and bring back, for the time being, one of my old regular posts, Tori Tuesday. Why is this, you ask? Tori has a new release!
Now, I searched YouTube for a video from her new stuff, but as its just come out, there's not much available yet. Well that got me searching, and what I did find are the most precious clips of an elementary school choir doing Tori song! The quality is crap, but I assure you, if you are even a little bit of a Tori fan, you will be moved by these beautiful children, and not bothered at all by the lame recording.
And I for one, am totally stoked that this music teacher has found a way to bring Tori's genius to his students. There was some rewriting of lyrics, of course, we can't have the kids singing..."I killed a man T, Ive got to stay hidden in this Abbey...", can we? LOL

I will write about the new Tori stuff later, which is by the way, absolutely delicious, but in the meanwhile...enjoy this!
Please enjoy.


If you played Musical Monday today, get over there and tell that lazy arse WDKY, that just because he's in the L word, doesn't mean he can't still play with us, right?
In other news, Little Rita and I had a henna party last, you have all seen my red-ish hair, how it looks with henna and all, but LR is a blonde! Woweeeee! (Pics tomorrow, ok?)Also, yesterday was Mothers Day & Mr Ratburns birthday..who by the way, shares the same bday as Thing Two. Here are some pics we took at the beach yesterday...I know I am dressed like a dork, it was fucking freezing out there, ok? LOL Enjoy!

Here's my little redhead! WOW!


Logophile said...

Ahhh, that looks gooooood on her!
I can't imagine why they have to change the lyrics, come on, respect the art, people!

lime said...

cool vids.

belated happy birthday to mr ratburn, looks like a fun day was had. and wow, lil rita makes a stunning redhead!

Jodes said...

love the pics.

MyUtopia said...

Great post. I love being a red head

RennyBA said...

Good post, lovely vids and nice pics!

LPC said...

cool shots !

G-Man said...

How'd I miss these?
Great shots Susie!!!
Looks like lots of fun!!