Monday, May 21, 2007

Yes It Really Is More Rufus!!!

Image hosting by PhotobucketHappy Monday everyone!
This is a beautiful Rufus song called Go Or Go Ahead. Please enjoy it.

I know what you're thinking....Tori...Rufus...Tori...Rufus...sheesh! That's right...that's exactly right. They both have new releases and I just can't listen to anything else.
In other news! Had a very busy weekend selling my clothing at the bazaar, and did quite well. I am pleased but exhausted. And today after school, Little Rita and I are going shoe shopping because this morning I noticed my child stuffing her feet into too small shoes. It was kind of cute, and kind of sad at the same little girl is growing up, and her feet are becoming much too close to my shoe size. Stay away from my Chacos, Little Rita, and your life will be spared.

See you around!


lime said...

ooooh, when my kids had growth spurts in their feet the next thing was them shooting up tall.....consider yourself forewarned.

Logophile said...

Thing One has been stealing my shoes for ages, just to pop outside, etc.
Well, the day has arrived, I now steal HIS shoes to pop outside and I've told him I plan to continue doing it for the REST OF HIS LIFE,
mwah hah hah hah!

Breazy said...

my oldest daughter wears two sizes bigger than me and my youngest daughter has been wearing the same size as me for a few months so it is about time for a growth spurt in the feet. My son is 9 and small for his age but it won't be long and he will be wearing the same size shoe as me! Once my children quit growing I am going to be the runt of the family..heehee!

Photocat said...

Jacquie's feet are still smaller and holding but Coco's are growing like weeds and fast approaching my size - yikes! Hugs - time to restart my blog... :)

Langley said...

How cute, I love shoes.
Also, rufus wainwright? ive been hearing alot about him, am i talking about the right rufus?

G-Man said...

Yep, the daughter steals the wife's shoes.
My son steals mine..