Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Where Are You Going, My Little One?

Ok, these words have just been moaned from within the gigantic bedroom of Little Rita. The room that boasts 7 full drawers of clothing, a closet full as well, not to mention a chair loaded with garments, none big enough to fit anyone but this child with 26 inch hips.......

"I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I am going to love puberty :


Breazy said...

Oh honey, you have no idea! LOL! I will pray for you!

My eleven year old says that every morning and every morning I walk into her closet that is bursting with clothing, so many pretty things hanging there that I am surprised the shelves and bars don't collapse but she has nothing to wear!

My oldest believes that if it isn't American Eagle or Aeropostale then it shall not touch her skin. My prayers are with you!

lime said...

oh my stars, susie...breazy is right. and the wardrobe inadequacies are just the tip of the iceberg.

i am here for you though. i'll talk ya off the ledge or the yurt roof or whatever.


G-Man said...

Please don't ever make her wear those orange pants OK?
Doing a 55 Mistress?

LisaPizza said...

Hormone roller coaster alert! First it's wardrobe deficiencies, then one day your IQ drops 50 points and you are a social pariah. Thank God they start out so loving and adorable, or none of them would survive until their 18th birthdays. We'll be with you through all the ups, downs, twist and turns here in blog land. Be sure to fasten your seat belt.