Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's a Lovely Day, eh?

Every year when I get back from India, I notice that I have picked up more words that I inject permanently into my vocabulary. "Acha" and "beta" (ok, or yes, and dear one), "Yaar" for friend, and "chalo!", the standard expression for getting rid of street urchins, or just saying to your friends, "Chalo!", Let's go!
These words are stuck with me forever, and I use them a lot.
OK so now even you can already make some sentences in Hinglish.
Chalo yaar, I'm starving for samosas!

Acha acha beta, I will take you to the bazaar to buy some sweets!

Chalo, you little cobra, before I tell the beggarmaster on you for spending all your rupees on Mysore Pak!

All in fun, all in fun! But here's the point I am trying to make today. How is it that I can spend a month in India, and this year, the only expression that has stuck in my head is, "Eh?"

Why is that? A Canadian expression collected in India, and permanently adhered to my brain?
It's a beautiful day, eh?
There sure were a lot of people at the market today, eh?
This is why:

Madam, I miss you terribly, but I cannot stop saying EH! This is all your fault, you know. Is there a cure for this? I realize that having a Canadian mother isn't going to help, the EHing is in my blood afterall.
Have a lovely Tuesday everyone, EH?


lime said...

aww, what a lovely thing, eh? will the two of you be travellign together next year?

Amber said...

Happy Tuesday to you too. I have put up some pics of our fun week on my blog. I miss Aubrey, I want her to come back.

barman said...

See I have built up an immunity. I grew up right next to (5 miles away) to Windsor (across from Detroit) and Michigan Upper Peninsula also makes use of eh? So I adopted curling, hockey, Canada Day (I was born on Canada Day), and I am sure more but... BUT I avoided tacking on Eh onto the end of sentences. It really is not all that bad, eh? Oh no...

Logophile said...

You know, I am more than an hour from the border and for some reason I have used that expression for years.
Oh well, what can you do, eh?

Photocat said...

Wow what a tribute - sent all my friends and fam here - they must be lurkers though...see no comments from them! I love it eh Susie - all the best pics I have of me you took on that trip - alas we will not be travelling - at least to India this year - but next year for sure - this year Boston, San Fran...places in between? You were the best travelling companion...eh? Hugs - KB

Photocat said...

Also....Chalo yaar, I'm too am starving for samosas - Univesity Street anyone?

Acha acha beta, I will take you to the pier in Boston to buy some lobsters!

Chalo, you little cobra, before I tell the Boston Cop on you for speeding to my house to visit me soon!

Hugs - KB