Saturday, May 19, 2007

Behind Crystaline Irises Loons Can Dive....

Please enjoy this video of the kids at PS22 doing Tori Amos' Carbon. I apologize for the quality. The music director himself puts these videos onto Youtube. The kids call him Mr G.
I've included the lyrics to Carbon so that you can sing along! Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend and so on in case I don't get back here before you do...and BTW all you lurkers...this is the only time i'm ever gonna say this...ya see that down there? over 21,000 hits, so I know you're out there!


Carbon made
Found her at the
End of a chain
Time to race she said
Race the downhill
Behind crystaline irises
Loons can dive
Where the world bleeds white

Just keep your eyes on her
Keep don't look away
Keep your eyes on her horizon

Bear claw
Free fall
A gunner's view
Black and blue
Shred in ribbons
Of lithium
Blow by blow
Her mind cut
In sheets
Layers deep
Now unravelling

Just keep your eyes on her
Keep don't look away
Keep your eyes on her horizon

Get me neil on the line
No I can't hold
Have him read
Snow glass apples
Where nothing is what it seems
Little sis you must crack this
He says to me
You must go in again
Carbon made
Only wants to be unmade
Blade to ice
It's double diamond time

And keep your eyes on her...

On her eyes
On her horizon
by Tori Amos


cathy said...

Did you read the small print on that site statistics button?
Love the video and I'm addicted to the body and soul one.

RennyBA said...

Hey: I'm not a lurker!?! LoL
Great vid and so good to see the kids having so much fun with music! Thanks so much for sharing!
Hope you and your family is having a great weekend too:-)

The Persian said...

Woah, Tori should so see this! Carbon is one of my favorite songs and this video really touched me, beautiful!


Spider said...

Cool song and fun video

G-Man said...

Hi Susie, Is somebody bugging you?
You really like mellow music don't you?
I'm a little more of a headbanger myself..
But to each his own eh?
Have a great week....xoxox

Breazy said...

Hey Susie! Hope you have a good day!

snavy said...

But I like to lurk at you.