Friday, January 18, 2008

55 Flash Fiction Friday

Cheap Thrills
Cheeseburger with the works and a side of fries.
Patty melt, rye bread, swiss cheese, more fries.
Avocado, lettuce, cucumber, jack cheese on dutch crunch roll.
Homemade Tacos!
Eating Moose tracks out of the gallon drum with a long spoon.
Six ice cold cokes.
Taking a drink of tap water I know won't kill me.

Hello everyone! My first back from India 55 is about food of course! I have spent the entire week eating, you would be so proud! Nothing like fattening American food, right folks?
So, be sure to let us know if you wrote a 55, and hopefully everyone will get around and read each others stuff. Have a great weekend everyone and ohhhh! I almost forgot!
Thank you,
G~man ,for hosting 55 Flash Fiction Friday while I was gone, and just so you all know, if you prefer it or are just too darn trained to do any other way, that you can report your 55 on G~mans blog as well, or even instead!
Have a great weekend! It sure is awesome to be back.


Little Wing said...

Susie, great food 55!
Now I am hungry!

Mine is up!

barman said...

Very nice indeed. It so reminds me what I was like when I returned home. It was only once and it was a short experience but I sure did miss home.

As LW said, I think I am... well actually thirsty. Those ice cold cokes sounded pretty good actually.
I will be up later. I am in writers block ... arg!!!

G-Man said...

God I know the feeling about missing comfort food..Slow down!!
Yes...i'll continue to help you out sweetie..
Loved your 55..xoxoxox

SignGurl said...

Mmmm....I know I would miss all of those things too. Great 55!

It's great to have you back!

SignGurl said...

Oh, I wrote a 55 too.

barman said...

I am finally up. I shall have to visit everyone after work. Were did the morning go?

Toadee said...

very tasty!

I'm up again too

lime said...

that's one hella cheeseburger! welcome back, girle. i'm up

Akelamalu said...

Yummy a delicious 55!

Welcome back.

Mine's up too.

Polt said...

Im glad you're back to eating properly. I've kinda falled off the Friday Fiction bandwagon...I'm too wordy and verbous to say something in only 55 words. :) but we'll see if I can come up with something in the future.


airplanejayne said...

Ya' know -- I was doing so well on my diet until you mentioned MooseTracks.....


great post -- and I'm up this week.

Cooper said...

Hi - sauntered over from Ms. Lime - great 55 and awesome shots from India - hmmm...seems I'm thirsty now...

smarmoofus said...

Welcome back, Susie! I'll have to read down to find out about your trip (I wasn't aware you were home already)... I love your 55 theme. I'm working on eating, too. I even bought a scale today to track my progress, too! I'm going to get fit (I'm trying to go up, not down)! *excited little dance* If I reach 45kg, I'll be ecstatic (I'm starting at 41.2kg as of first thing when I got home from the store, though that's fully clothed).

*sips her Coke* Yup... Coke is pretty good. And when I finish this, I'm going to refill my water bottle from the bathroom tap. *eyebrow wiggle*

Barman, I hear ya! I was almost 24 hours late with my 55 due to writer's block, too! I had no ideas this week. *frown*