Saturday, January 12, 2008

And So Finally......

Well, today was my last day in Delhi and now I am loitering in the lobby of my hotel, wasting time at the computer. I have 5 hours before I leave for the airport. Do you think I could waste 5 hours in the lobby? Let's see how creative I can get.
I have been thinking about patty melts, french fries and ice cold cokes. The best thing about starving in India is coming home and eating all that fattening stuff, and maybe even some ice cream or something!
Today I met some really cool ladies from Shanghai, who studied in San Jose. They are going to Goa so I told them about the place that I usually stay in Colva. I feel like such a seasoned traveler in India, especially for South India. I have to be careful though because when the girls asked me about Jaipur, I scowled and then I noticed the travel agent guys giving me the eye. OOPS! They had just booked train tickets to Jaipur. La la laaaa!

Today I scored 16 really cool hippie dresses and some other stuff, chilled out on the rooftops with Mubarik, played salesgirl in Mubariks shop, and it was a good thing I was there because this Chinese woman wanted pants for men, and these crazy Kashmiri guys were showing her peach and purple pants. NO NO I said, get out the navy blue and the dark green. Ok that worked she then bought the pants I chose for her. That was even more fun than playing travel agent. I told them, you have to have a woman in this shop, you guys dont know what the hell you are doing!
Ok so, hopefully all will be well with the airline. It is definitely not foggy so I think it will all go ok.
I am off to rearrange the stash!
See you on the other side, and thank you all for your companionship. Really, having you here means more than you know, my bloggy pals!
Love Susie


lime said...

i'll tell you, if i ever go to india it will be with you!

amadeus45 said...

How's the food been so far?

Keyser Soze said...

Gabba gabba
we accept you
we accept you
one of us

I didn't realize you were one of William's buddies.

I'm not "on a diet" per se. Rather I'm trying to make healthier choices a habit. It just so happens that since my birthday is bearing down on me I want to give myself 6 pack abs as a present. I know I've been on about this for ages but dammit I'm not giving up!

Akelamalu said...

I've so enjoyed reading about your travels, safe jouney home. :)

barman said...

So if we were to meet you at the airport with a wonderful bar burger and awesome fries... do you think that would be to much?

Looking forward to your return home.

San said...

Hey. I hopped over from Barman's place. You've got me salivating for a burger and fries.

Lively post!

Safe journeying home.

Photocat said...

I am so glad you are probably home now eating a huge hamburger!!!!! Talk soon - Karenji oh and you rock with the handling of groping, money back, rats, knee in stomachs etc - when does the book come out!!!!!!!

Flash said...

Welcome back!!!