Friday, January 04, 2008

Bangalore Update

No I dont know these people I just thought it was a good steal!

Hello everyone from Bangalore! It's Friday night and we are spending our last evening together....going out to dinner at Alampar and then having some Kingfishers with Mahesh. Gary has to leave for the airport at 4 am ack ack ack! Ick! I however have the entire day to rest before taking my flight to Delhi.

We have had so much fun and I know you can tell I've been busy because I am not posting as much as last year. After today, though, I will be alone and you might see more of me as I probably won't venture out at night alone.....

Hey, how about that Obama? Woo hoo, I say! It might interest you to know that alot of Europeans that we have talked to are totally into Hilary and not quite ready for a black American president.

Some of you are aware of the assasination of Benazir Bhutto while we were here...of course we were far away from the North and perfectly safe but so creepy to be so near to a country where that sort of stuff still goes on. A total tragedy...

In other news, the naughty party boys of Mumbai have made the news by molesting an innocent newlywed on her honeymoon on New Years Eve...the police are saying that the public is making a "big deal" out of nothing. Now I don't even have to tell you what would happen to those asshats in America if they had tried that....but it's infuriating that in India a woman cannot go out on a celebratory night without getting attacked by fucking perverts, and then to top that off, the cops brush it off as if it were nothing. I would be ashamed to call myself an Indian gentleman if I were one.

Ok you all, India is fun and I am skinny and tired but I have a week to go sooo I'm strapping on the courage to do this alone again...I really dont like traveling alone...maybe if I am lucky, Karenji will be waiting for me at the Y in Delhi!!!!! Did you hear that Karenji?

More later from Delhi, in the meanwhile miss you all especially Logo, Lime, the Idiot, and my Little Rita of course!


Stealth said...

I miss you!!! Take lots and lots of pictures, Miss!


(That's fucked up about the molesting thing.)

lime said...

we miss you too but i am glad you're having lots of fun. year you brought the tsunami, this year you are there when bhutto is asassinated...pretty soon they are going to take away your visa so you can't show up with plague and pestilence following in your wake, hehe.

bah! let the europeans have hillary if they think she is so great. and the bit about the indian bride is awful. seriously

RennyBA said...

Its great to read about your Indian stay - thanks for taking your time and keeping us posted. You know India is so exotic to a Norwegian, but travelling with you, makes it feel so close!

As a Norwegian, I must say I do agree with my fellow European in India: You need a change (as a matter of fact the whole world needs it!) and its about time you give a woman a chance too!

Logophile said...

Oh man, that bit about the bride is so horribe. Ack!
I'm so glad you've had a good time with Mr. Ratburn and be brave, little tourist, you can do it!

Caroline said...

Miss you too - but it is great that Gary has the sense of India now so you guys can swap lots of stories and he knows where you are talking about!!! Interesting about Hilary - people in new england don't like her much and like Obama Boston anyhow...Glad you are back to AC! Can't wait to hear more of the North - if there is anyway I could be at the Y I WOULD really I WOULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs KB