Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hampi 2007

All photos this post by Mr Ratburn

Hanging around in Hampi. December 2007


Mina said...

Haven't been commenting on all these posts, but thank you for sharing all these pics with us! Some of them are just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

more great pics G...!!! Hampi looks so amazing and how cute are those kids...??? more...!!! more...!!!

barman said...

I love the architecture and you so fit in that one picture. But don't you need to be wearing even brighter clothes to truly blend in? Wonderful pictures. Thank you.

BKS said...

Awesome pics and like barman one just HAS to love the architecture involved. I am so glad to be able to "travel" with you although I do wish your trip was a bit easier .....then again one might not appreciate the good ol' USA as much if it was an easy trip.

Little Wing said...

I am loving these pictures susie, what a great experience to travel like you did, thanks for sharing.

lime said...

i love the first one and the one that shows the architecture. great shots. more more more

Photocat said...

Beta - what pictures - love them - love to see Gary in india - with Kingfisher!! Fantastic - au revoir to Paris demain!

G-Man said...

uh Susie?
About that One Pic?
That my dear was almost an HNT..
A near nip slip.
Simply Beautiful!!!
The pics AND you!!!