Friday, January 25, 2008

55Flash Fiction Friday

A pocket full of licorice sticks
Velvet boxes filled with something sparkly
Long satin evening gloves
India ink spilled on paper
Half a zebra
The outside of an Oreo
Leather motorcycle boots
Underneath a blanket with no flashlight
Dark chocolate
Last but not least
Miss Guptaji Sue

Say hello to our new kitty, Gupta. She is black, she is tiny, and her teeth and claws are damn sharp! She has to be tough around here, because Oaty is not pleased about this new development, and has been throwing her weight around.
Be sure to run around and check out everyones 55, and let us know if you played. If you need to know more about 55, check out the pink and white 55 button on my sidebar! Join us every Friday for the fun.
Have an awesome weekend, everyone!


Little Wing said...

Nice! A few of my favorite things!
Gupta, what a great name!

My 55 Flash is up.

barman said...

Cute kittie but ... aren't you worried about Gupta on Friday the 13th? Very interesting list. Good luck with the sharp teeth and claws. Yow!!!

I played.

SignGurl said...

She is adorable!! I love black kitties.

I also enjoy the other black things you listed.

I posted a 55 this week.

Snow White said...

My, what a "dark" 55 you've written! LOL I love it!

I'm up this morning! Happy Friday!

Akelamalu said...

Gupta is soooo cute!

Mine's up too.

lime said...

she's a cutie pie! hello gupta!

Cooper said...

Awww...kitty, kitty...
Excellent 55..

Toadee said...

good that black can be so positive!

I'm up!

Charles said...

Kittens are so cute, why don't they stay like that?
I'm so surprised that was only 55 words. Nice.
I played.

TorAa said...

You have an awsome pussy or is it Cat?
My Language troubel.

Vikings you know never learned a foreign language

Rebicmel said...

Hi Susie,

Just been catching up on all your post and these pictures rock girl!! I love the beach shots, the women in the dress are beautiful!!!! Have a great weekend.

smarmoofus said...

She is so pretty! Some kittens look "cuddly" and some look elegant. She looks like a mix of both. She reminds my of our Gara. I should take a picture of our zoo...

Anyway, I'm up finally. I've been posting so late these last weeks. Next week I'll be on time!

Mona said...

Gupta? That is a MALE name Susie! :D :D

But I love your Gupta ji here! HEE HEE

My 55 up too! albeit a little late!

cathy said...

we have a black kitten called Minos and puki the squirrel isn't the least impressed with him.

G-Man said...

I thought I told you I was up...
Maybe not...
I'm up..xoxoxo

G-Man said...

Loved your kitty...
And the 55.....G

Strumpet said...

Oh, I LOVE your kitty!

And I have those shoes!!!

Nuthin' like classic Chuckie's...


Way cool 55, Susie.

Thanks for stopping by mine.


Photocat said...

You went to MTR - COOL was it so amazing and yummy!!! Hey in Paris and having a blast - love the new kittie - Hello Gupta....hugs KB