Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hi everyone! I am in Pahar Ganj, hanging out with my travel agent pal, Mubarik. I have just walked in and met all of his cousins! There is a French couple in the front room purchasing Kashmiri stuff from Mubarik. I am back in the office LMAO at the goings on out there. The wheeling and dealing as they say.
This French lady is a pretty tough business woman, but Mubarik is tougher. And, as Mubarik would say, business takes a little bit of sense and a lot of faith in God. (When I talk about God, don't be thinking that I am getting all religious on you. God to me, and God to you, it might be different, but really, it is all the same, it is love and it is hope and it is faith, it is goodness.)
However, they are all raising their voices and I hear French, English, Hinglish, Arabic, Hindi all mixed together! Hilarious.

My goal today is to get some mendhi on my hands and arms, and to get some tea for Gary and I, and also for my good pal, SSS and Miss Pizza. Oh I think I know someone else that loves tea, but she prefers English tea...perhaps she wouldnt mind some darjeeling for her guest though, what say, Miss Lo?

Other than that, there will be much chilling on the roof, much tea drank, much god knows what else......LOL....ah, you have to love the rooftops of India. It is where all the action is, but you have to go deeper to get up to the roof! You have to know people.

I am having so much fun sitting behind Mubariks desk, and a French man just came in, sat down at "my" desk and started enquiring about Kerala. I just loved pretending I work here! Today I am wearing a salwar kameez, so I do look like a local.

I don't expect any more problems except for the flight. Every winter, Delhi has terrible fog and if that happens, I might get stuck here for a day. Let's hope not, I want to go home. Additionally, there is the weight of my bags, I am pretty sure that I have exceeded my 100 pound limit so I will be stuffing the heavy items into my pockets, my carryon and however else I can get away with it. You have to figure that the airline has plenty of extra weight allowance because they do not weigh people. Anyway, whipping out a credit card will solve all problems with airlines!

More later....the henna guy is here. Can you believe it? Mendhi delivery!


G-Man said...

Hey Suzay-Cue!!!
The Chronicles of Susie..
Now that could be a movie!
Please be safe, we all really miss you...G

lime said...

it sounds wonderful. what entre you've gained everywhere you've gone!

Anonymous said...

well well well...after the previous shenanigans, i'm kinda glad things have chilled out somewhat...!!! sounds like a great laugh...if i don't catch up with you before you travel journey babe, take care...!!! xxx

PS - don't go kicking any cows before you go ok...??? lmao xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis, are you ever coming home? It seems like you have been gone forever. Well if you are going to go somewhere you might as well stay awhile. What an adventure. Love J

barman said...

You near the end of your journey. After your prior day maybe it is a good thing. Have a safe trip home.