Saturday, January 05, 2008

I'm in Delhi, No Belly!

Hi everyone I am in Delhi. It's cold here, if you can believe it. I am glad that I at least have my jeans and fleece.....Gary left yesterday and by now is on his way to Seattle to get Little Rita. They will be home on Sunday night, and I know Little Rita, you are dying to see your kitty! I'm sure the house is filthy with grass, leaves, dead rabbits, and whatever else that wild cat has dragged in over the past two weeks.
Today I am making some plans to get to Jaipur...there are four ways...train, bus, private car, or flying. Guess which one I am choosing? FLYINGGGGGG! I am so tired and that 11 hour train ride to and from Hampi was enough train for one year for me. Wish me luck....

Hope all is well in blogland and I will get back to you all soon!

Ok soooo, I guess I am not flying afterall....100 bucks each way, forget it! No way. So what does that mean for little Susie? A 5 1/2 hours train ride tomorrow and I have to leave my hotel at 5:15 am ewwwwww!!!! Oh well, I will be in Jaipur by noon! That's not so bad. You know, I figured, the flight was at 9 am anyway, and getting to the airport in Delhi is a total pain in the arse , and security and all that might in the end be quicker and less painless to take the train anyway. ARGH!
So, after I took my arse to the train station, I discovered a "foreigners only" office, "upstairs only, madam", and so I went and those guys up there, let me tell you, so fresh. I was glad there was a counter between us is all I can's the thing about Indian men, they all think that Western women are sluts, and they will immediately try to flirt with you. The very second you tell them to bugger off, they will.

Here's another cool thing that I don't think I told you about....In Bangalore on Friday, Gary and I got new wedding rings! Afterall, we have been married almost 20 years now. Unlike America, the groom in India wears his wedding ring on the right ring finger and the bride wears it on her right TOE! Yes, toe! Those of you that know me, just KNOW, this is so perfect for me. I wish I could now show you my new gold wedding band that is on my toe, but it will have to wait til I get home... I am thinking that will make a great HNT.....ok but here's what I have now noticed for the first time ever since I have been visitng India. The men look first at a womans feet, they then see the ring, and they leave you alone. I have noticed this already over and over in Bangalore and now today in Delhi. I just love it!
Ok, so where was I?
I got the train tickets and figured ok I just saved myself $175.00 so why not go out and spend it, right? LOL Much to my delight, I discovered that Pahar Ganj, my favorite funky neighborhood in Delhi, was right across from the train station! Hurray! I happen to have one friend in Delhi, who I met in 2003....who happens to have a business in Pahar Ganj, so off I trotted to find him.

Today I got hit by a bicycle rickshaw and also my foot ran over by a motorcyle, and believe it or not, I am ok. I don't even get afraid anymore....but perhaps I ought to be a little more careful.

Ok, so I immediately find my pal, Mubarik, which means happy, and this is the happiest man in Delhi, I tell you. Now Mubarik, I met in 2003, and he told me that when he was 12 years old, he moved alone to Delhi from Kashmir and started a travel business. Now, he jokes that he is the richest man in India. He is NOT the richest man, by far, but in terms of heart, spirit, love, generousity, insight, close to "godness" he is the richest of all. I wish you could have met him, Gary, you would really like him. Perhaps next year?

There was also a Russian man in his office, getting train tickets to Pushkar. So, I have just spent the entire day drinking tea, eating rice, smoking beedees, and erm, some other stuff which shall not be mentioned, with Mubarik and this crazy Russians.
Russians are very interesting...I think they are fearless, and really "go for it" in life. Mubarik, Kirill and I talked for 4 hours, then we went to a rooftop restaurant where people can smoke "things" and just chill. That we did. Of course they teased me when I told them I had to go back to my hotel by dark, but I am NOT hanging around Pahar Ganj at night, sorry.

What an awesome day. Kirill is a jewelry designer and artist, and he showed my a dvd of his work, which he then gave me a copy of. He is really very talented, and I taught him about ETSY, the site where I have my online shop. He is very excited about opening an international store now, and I am happy to have turned him on to that. When I get back to America, I will post some of his jewelry designs for you all to see. Now Kirill spends his time making and selling his jewelry in Moscow, and then makes enough money to come to India for 6 months out of the year. He had only a student sized back pack for his entire time! Amazing!
Now Kirill told us, that one year, he rode his bike from Cochin to far is that? I have no idea, but it's far, very, very far. I am talking about a bicycle here~ amazing!

Now, if that wasn't enough, I then saw that Mubarik had in his shop, singing bowls. I will steal a picture to show you in case you don't know what they are. In America they are quite expensive, and I never dreamed I could own one, and now I do! Mubarik had 6 bowls, and he told me, you will choose the one that speaks to you. I spent 3 hours learning how to make them sing, and then I knew which one I wanted. It is just beautiful.

I could never have imagined that I would have such a wonderful day, but I have. WOW! I am exhausted and it's only 6:30. But remember, I have to get up at 4:45 so I am sure I'd better get a good nights sleep.

By now Gary and Little Rita are about to take a flight home from Seattle. Part of me also wishes I was going home now, but you know, I am totally excited about seeing Jaipur and getting to see how Indian Block printed textiles are made.

Take care all...more from Jaipur.
I love you Mr Gary and Little Rita!


Seamus said...

HA! The heifers have it! ;)

Logophile said...

Stay healthy, dammit!
Flying is definitely the way to go.
Have fun, madam

lime said...

glad you have not been attacked by delhi belly this year. the wedding ring thing is fascinating. can't wait to see yours and your singing bowl. very cool.

snowelf said...

The singing bowls are so cool! I want one!! I am always fascinated by the art of other cultures and India is my favorite, so it's be so awesome getting to see India through your eyes, Susie!

Take care and keep enjoing yourself immensely!


Anonymous said...

what a day you had...!!! my oh my, i'm having fun just reading the entries...!!! glad the Immodium ain't happenin as well...!!! and er...try and avoid the traffic huh country gal...???!!! lol ;) :P xxx

mr ratburn said...

more adventures!! i love it...
we miss you and await new stories
love g and h

Akelamalu said...

I love singing bowls. I have a large crystal one and it makes the windows vibrate when I play it! :)