Monday, January 14, 2008

On With The Visuals...

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Our new friend, Abdul, playing one of his handmade drums. Hampi 12/27/07


barman said...

Love the vibrant colors in the first picture. The drum and your new friend. For some reason the drum really tickled my fancy. I wonder what they would think if I got a drum like that and played it on breaks at work? He was really good. Nice visuals.

lime said...

awesome! how cool that abdul was willing to play for you. i loved the smile that flashed on his face very quickly before you turned off the camera.

can't wait to see more.

Keyser Soze said...

Lovely! Camera droppage while on vacation in far off lands is DEFINITELY normal wear and tear. But ytou should still get it replaced under warantee. That DOES cover being sat on by an elephant, right?

Logophile said...

Look at Mr Ratburn grinning away and loving life in India!
Love the vid

Rebicmel said...

That is an awesome vid Susie. Love the way that drum sounds. Is this the one you bought the drum for? Anyway glad you are back.

RennyBA said...

What great vid and lovely rhythm - it really gives you the urge to dance - my feet can't stop!

Thanks for sharing :-)

San said...

That Abdul rocks!

And the image of the woman in the vibrant colors--well, that makes me feel drab indeed, sitting here in a brown skirt, brown sweater, and brown boots. Tomorrow I must wear a silk scarf.

Thanks for the visuals, Susie. More!

G-Man said...

Susie....Welcome Home!!!!
Missed You....G