Friday, August 29, 2008

55 Flash Fiction Friday

Some guys have all the pain
Some guys get all the breaks
Some guys do nothing but complain
Alone in a crowd on a bus after work
And Im dreaming
The guy next to me has electric lime in his arms
My arms are empty
The 150 box! :O

Ok todays 55 is for Bryan who has managed to be the first to snatch up the coveted prize, photograph and boastfully display it for his post today. Bravo, Bryan! I knew I should have bought that telescoping 120 pack when I was in Tar Jay the other day.....
So, it probably won't surprise you, but I have discovered that adults love crayons, don't we? If'n you do not believe this, simply read the comments from the past weeks crayon posts, and I dare you to admit, photograph and post your new box of crayons because I know you are gonna go out and get one!
I also have coloring books in my "den", Bryan. Well done, sir, and happy coloring to you!
Well, what are you waiting for? Tarjay is open already. Go get your crayons!


ciara said...

ha ha ha i love it! are you 'green' w envy? lol great 55 susie...i'm up, too. is this where i say yahtzee?? lol :)

Akelamalu said...

You and Bryan are crayoncrazee!

Love your 55. :)

barman said...

Susie, if we were to do a coloring contest thing you would win hands down. You have more artistic ability in your pinkie than I have period. But that does not mean I can't have a fun time just the same.

Isn't this fun. This kind of turned into theme week. You know the one question I have, how did little Rita get those crayons into rainbow order? I am still trying to do that. Of course working with that cirular thing the 120 and above comes in makes it harder.

None the less, crayons ROCK! Thank you Susie.

Mojo said...

Another memo I didn't get I suppose... I haven't held a crayon since my boys were young (I mean my sons okay? *gutterminds!*).

I remember when I was a kid we'd draw designs in crayon on heavy paper, then put a sheet of blank newsprint or onionskin on top of them and iron them to melt the wax into the paper. It came out like a really cool stained glass effect. But you really have to heavy up on the coloring so there's enough wax on board to do the job right.

I should do stuff like this.

Mona said...

I thought exactly what Ciara thought. Someone is GREEN with envy!
& Not just any green but ELECTRIC GREEN!

lime said...

i gotta wait until payday because i am flat broke but you and bryan are killing me with your electric lime crayons!

i shoulda been the first! lol

Polt said...

I already have a box of barely used crayons in my apartment...maybe I'll just photograph that and post it. :)


RennyBA said...

I'm sure you express yourself in a colourful way with those guys between your fingers ;-)

Btw: Come on over and party with me, if you have the time!

G-Man said...

You guys own stock in Binney&Smith?
But...Awesome 55 Susie!!!
Thanks for playing, and have a Great Week-End...G..xo