Friday, August 01, 2008

Get Modern!

I heart my cable guy?

Can you say Suuuuupahhhhhh Fast?
Having an online store, and living out in the boonies and all, we thought it was time to get some faster cable service around here, and while we were at it, some television.
When I googled "cable guy", I also got this dude....

Um, I didn't know there was such a rush on cable guys! So, am I really sure I want TV afterall? I am a little afraid of this Larry person.

Little Rita is already lying on the floor in front of the television trying to catch up with 11 years of no TV. I'm not sure I like this idea.....keep you posted.

Have a lovely weekend!


barman said...

You can't trust the origional cable guy but trust me, you can trust Larry. That and he will probably have you cracking up the entire time. So is you wirred? No way!!! Yea.

lime said...

LOL, oh yeah i can see it now, lil rita just vegging out and finally staggering off with the glazed look or ODing on tv.

Logophile said...

You may never see your daughter again.
She will probably also develop parent deafness at never before experienced levels.
On the other hand, current seasons of Project Runway!
My advice re. Larry the cable guy, RUN AWAY!! RUN AWAAAAAAAY!!