Friday, August 01, 2008

Um..... maybe I dont like that cable guy afterall.....My blog is broken people! Wahhhh!!!!!! I can post, I can comment on your blog, but I cannot go to my blog front page. The message in the dreaded grey box reads:
Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site Operation Aborted....any suggestions?

**UPDATE** For now, I have to use firefox.....I have no idea what that means, or if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but if you are having trouble accessing my blog, please use worked for me.
In other news...I have just taken Gary and LR to the airport. They are off to Florida for the week to see dad/grandpa and Aunt Judy. I have an entire week to myself!!! Hurray!! Um, I mean, I will miss them so.
I have just driven from SFO, like, 80 miles, having to pee the entire time! Do you ever have that feeling where you find yourself thinking..."I could pull over and pee there"...."or maybe there"....ok...80 miles worth of that side of the freeway type imagining and can you believe it? I didn't pee until I got into the orchard and ...LOL...ok, I'm like....400 yards from my house but I just had to get out of the car and pee in the orchard because I was dyinggggg! I practically flooded the road! Ok TMI I know, but after that drive I have also had a shot of whiskey or two and I am quite silly.
Have a lovely weekend!


barman said...

No suggestions, at least not yet. I tried to get in with IE7 and got the same message. I can get in with Firefox no problems.

Tell that cable guy to let you back in!!!

lime said...

i use firefox and it seems to be working fine for me too

Blissfully Wed said...

People can't see mine from IE, either.

I'm just waiting it out. And using Firefox as always myself.

S said...

Hi everyone!
So here I am accessing my blog from firefox....
dont know what's wrong but Im here somewhere...and thank you Bryan and Lime for helping me out!

barman said...

You are to funny. Enjoy your week. They will be back soon enough.

How on earth could you have went 80 miles having to go. I will be sitting there with 5 or 10 miles to go and will be making bargain with myself.

Just a little longer. I promise I will go straight home even though I want to go out to the store. First thing I will be straight up the stairs and right to the bathroom. Almost there, just hang on.

Somehow when I get close it seems to get so worse. I can so identify although I really wish I couldn't. Glad there were no accidents.

TorAa said...

I've given up IE. Shuts down all the time. Have used Firefox for some years, without any problems (Now Firefox 3.0).

While you sent yours away, I did flew away alone, over the Pond to the US. Haha, I'm here now.

Pee, what's that compared to guess what? I've had several very bad experiences. To laugh about long time after, but there and then: It's Hell.

Have a nice loneley week.