Saturday, August 16, 2008

Musical Monday

Gary and I watched High INFidelity for about the 6th time last night. Man, I love that movie. Jack Black and that bald kid that plays "Dick", just crack me up so bad! Jack Black is just perfect in his "don't touch the shirt, it's vintage" role, and Dick is just well, understated and hilarious, and a just little bit of guessed it.
By the way, did you know that a lot of the record store shots were actually filmed in a downtown Seattle LP shop? How do I know this? I was in said shop last summer, and believe you me, I recieved quite the lesson on which scenes were filmed there!
Here though we have one of the funniest scenes from that film and no doubt, the way we all should have behaved in similar situations when the opportunity arose..
Just kidding!

A very special Top Five List:

And then finally, one of my all time favorite tunes from High Fidelity, a little "don't touch the shirt, it's vintage" Stevie Wonder for you!

Have an awesome week!


Blissfully Wed said...

Great clips. Wonderful movie. Whenever I see it, I go for days missing my old record store days.

barman said...

Wow, I have always meant to watch that but I never have ... until now. Would you look at that. Just under 2 weeks it comes on a channel I can get. How cool is that?

That will be cool to see. I hung out a little in music stores and then went forever never visiting... now most if not all are gone. I love the clips.

Now for the question. Do Mondays come early over on the West Coast? Many I can not believe it is Monday already. I could have sworn the weekend just started. LOL

You have a wonderful week to Susie.

amadeus45 said...

High Fidelity rocks!

Anonymous said...

i've seen this one quite a few times too...there's a shop just like it in's called Probe...

one of the first times i went in there, i was 15/16...the first single by the Gang of 4 was called 'The Damaged Goods EP'...i went up to the desk and said 'have you got damaged goods mate...???', back came the reply...'well, eeerrr, we've got some bent postcards...', served me right, hahaha...!!!

just back from Espana and will catch up soon...!!! mwah xxx

lime said...

gads, jack black is just such a hoot. and john cusak makes me wanna wrap him up and drag him off so i can make him smile.