Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Afternoon of a Fawn

Hey Guptaji, you've got some pretty cool friends, there!
So we stood inside the house peering at these three for about 10 minutes. The littler fawn came right up to Gupta and they touched noses. The larger fawn, must be a male because he was stomping and sticking his neck/chest out as far as he could, all the while standing right behing the small one.
Now check this out...the deer mirror each others steps.....

Ok I just wanna say I love my cat. I mean, she has already been through a few of her lives and here she is, happy, large, funny, friendly, smart, and I do like her friends a lot too!

BTW, The mom is to the left of the fawns, about 10 feet away. She seemed to be allowing them to play with their new pal while at same time keeping close watch!

Have a lovely day!


barman said...

I have a recent picture of a fawn and the Mom. It was actually fairly interesting. I came across it at a park while I was walking past on a path. The Mom just looked at me for a while. So I figured she was going to run at any minute but I might as well try and get a picture. I got out my camera and got a very blurry picture. Then she moved over to ... her fawn I had not even seen. The fawn was just nibbling away, kicking around, etc but not the Mom. She made sure the fawn was safe by staying near by. So I took a better picture and just could not believe I was so close to the deer like that.

I finally I should move on and leave them alone. Did I tell you I love that park. Of course you have to show off and take pictures from your house.

Tanks for sharing. :)

S said...

:P Bryan

Akelamalu said...

Amazing to have deer in your back yard!

G-Man said...

Susie...I can't believe how beautiful and 'hammy' little Rita has become...WOW!!!

And the deer?...They're like RATS!!!!


Breazy said...

that is so cool and sweet.

Have a great day!

lime said...

how cool is that having the fawn touch noses with gupta. very adorable.

Mona said...

what a cool camaraderie existing between Gupta ji & the fawns! I love their march past!

storyteller said...

What a fun series of photos. Who would have thought they’d ‘touch noses’ … Thanks so much for sharing. I’m ‘almost’ wordless at Sacred Ruminations today … playing for the first time with Photoshop ‘filters’ and sharing some results just because.
Hugs and blessings,

Mojo said...

I didn't see momma either, but that was so cool! (Or, as my Sonaliji would put it, "SoKul")

Thanks for sharing.