Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thursday Portrait & Crayola Mystery Solved

Mwah! I just love my kitty!
So here we have the email that I received from Crayola in regard to our missing electric lime crayon. I was sorta hoping they would offer to send me an electric lime crayon of my very own...sigh.

Dear Susie,
Thank you for your recent inquiry.The color "electric lime" can be found in a 120 count Crayon Box. Below are the 120 different crayon colors that are included in the Crayola 120-count Crayon Box.

almondantique brassapricotaquamarineasparagusatomic tangerinebanana maniabeaverbittersweetblackblueblue bellblue greenblue violetbrick redbrink pink (new name - pink sherbet)brownburnt orangeburnt siennacadet bluecanarycaribbean greencarnation pinkceriseceruleanchestnutcoppercornflowercotton candycranberry (new name - blush)dandeliondenimdesert sandeggplantelectric limefernforest greenfuchsiafuzzy wuzzy browngoldgoldenrodgranny smith applegraygreengreen yellowhot magentainch wormindigo jazzberry jam jungle greenlaser lemonlavendermacaroni and cheesemagentamahoganymanateemango tangomaroonmauvelousmelonmidnight bluemountain meadownavy blueneon carrotolive greenorangeorchidouter spaceoutrageous orangepacific bluepeachperiwinklepig pink (new name - piggy pink)pine greenpink flamingoplumpurple heartpurple mountains' majestypurple pizzazzradical redraw siennarazzle dazzle roserazzmatazzredred orangered violetrobin's egg blueroyal purplesalmonscarletscreamin' greensea greensepiashadowshamrockshocking pinksilversky bluespring greensunglowsunset orangetantickle me pinktimberwolftropical rain foresttumbleweedturquoise blueunmellow yellowviolet (purple)violet red vivid tangerine vivid violetwhitewild blue yonder wild strawberrywild watermelonwisteriayellow greenyellow orangeyellow

We appreciate your contact. If additional assistance is needed, you may reach us by telephone at (800) 272-9652 weekdays between 9 AM and 4 PM Eastern Time or e-mail by visiting
Best wishes for a colorful future!
Colorfully yours, bla bla bla
Well there you have it. So thorough!
Have a lovely day!


Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Awww, cute kitty (and you too). :)

figleaf said...

Hey Susie!

Love the matching fashion accessory for your little black top! :-) Happy HNT!


barman said...

They have periwinkle. I know the name but I do not even know what that color is! You are so funny. Love the photo. I see you are holding the deer whisperer.

lime said...

so now we know, i live with a bigger crowd.

Mona said...

yaaay! they found the lime green!

That is a cute picture of you & kitty susie!

Lapis Ruber said...

Lovely picture of you (and the kitty) Happy HNT.

Anonymous said...

Your kitty is handsome!

xoxoxox mina

Mojo said...

One kitty, one hottie. (I'm not gonna say it! I'm not!)

Love the look Susieji...

Looking forward to your 55 tomorrow.

Breazy said...

I have a box of 120 crayons, I think I will look for the electric lime.

Have a great weekend!

Lil Bit said...

Awwwwwwwwwww!! - we have matching kitty cats! =)
Adorable pic!

They have a color called "macaroni-&-cheese"?? - LOL, who knew?

HHNT! =)

Polt said...

Royal purple makes up for the lack of any other color. :)


BTExpress said...

120 CRAYONS NOW TOO! I got to get my a box.

barman said...

Pssst! Oh Suzie, when you can come peek at my blog. Eat your heart out...

I found a 150 count pack of crayons (could not find a 120 count one).

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. Of course you will probably be busy selling your wares ... do have some fun.