Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thursday Portrait

School is back, and now it's just me and the girls.....

Not those girls, you big pervs! I'm talking about my sewing machines. Three Berninas, one very hearty 12 year old sewing machine, one most excellent 13 year old serger, and last years acquisition, the new serger that I had to buy when the old one was in the shop for, I kid you not, 6 months waiting for a part! I was trying to come up with names for them, and all I got was Beluga, Cevruga and Ocetra. I think I could use a little help with the names! LOL Now I know this isn't a great photo, but I just do not have time to take another one ok? I'll be getting back to work now. Miss you all, mwah, mwah...ok, ok, i'm going!

Have a lovely day!


BTExpress said...

Yes, I'm a perv, but you knew that. I was really hoping for the real GIRLS, but I'll take anything I can get from hot, sexy chicks like you.

Happy HNT!

barman said...

Did you expect anything but trouble from the teenager? No wonder it was in the shop for half the year.

Hope you and the "girls" had a nice day.

Mariposa said...

I'm envious with your "girls"! I love sewing too, wish I can find time for it soon!

lime said...

i think the names work just fine. and 6 months?? holy crap, the shop should have offered you a a loaner since this is how you make your living. that's ridiculous.

have fun with the girls!

Missy said...

How about Bertha, Helga, Natasha lol,

I was going to say Pathos, Artemis, and Dartanion (sp) but somehow I don't think the three musketeers seemed to fit, oh well.

Have fun sewing. You've got a phenomenal talent

Polt said...

Hehehe, my mom loves to sew, but I don't think she names her machine. :)


G-Man said...

Wow...Nothing but the best for you Susie!!
And deservedly so!!
What a beautiful smile...and BTW
I'M UP!!!!
(I love saying that to you)

Mona said...

What a lovely Thursday portrait!

Susie with her Suji :D