Saturday, March 21, 2009

Coconut Alarm Clock

So, as promised, today we have some video of the coconut hustlers that woke us up early one morning in Goa. One of the videos is sideways, but if you lay on your side while this first video look real carefully and you can see the coconut wallah climbing up the tree, and of course, the loud banging sounds are the coconut bunches falling to the ground!

Anil is always on the phone!
After I was fully awake and inquired about these noisy people that woke us up at 6 am, Anil at the front desk told us that they have to harvest coconuts every three months, otherwise they start falling on their own, and yes, that can be a bad thing. I have a several times been lounging by the pool when first comes a crunching sound of palm fronds followed by a very loud bang as the coconut hits the tin roof, or the ground, hopefully, of course, not landing on anyones head!

This woman about 4'9" carried away ALL the coconuts on her head! Some people don't need to be coerced to be silly! This is Seby, hotel manager and pal o' mine.
Eileen calling her husband from Christina's office.
This is my pal Sharon who runs this outdoor shop. She is just lovely. I always ask what I can bring her next year and this time she asked for my shade of purple toenail polish! Such good taste, Sharon!

View from our patio at night.Well what do ya know, Anil is not on the phone!

Now, in case you are wondering, yes, I am planning my next trip already which will be in December. And, last night Gary and I saw Slumdog Millionaire again in the theater. The first time we saw it, was before my recent trip to India, and I read the book that it is based upon, Q & A by Vikas Swarup while lounging by the pool in Goa. It was a different experience this time around, watching the audiences reactions, knowing the plot, and still feeling pretty connected to India. I got all teary. I miss India, and the poverty thing is just giving me nightmares. You are not surprised.

Gary and I have been discussing the idea of a "handicraft co-op" in Bangalore where I can set up a fair trade thing, thereby helping out an entire community while I do my textile thing. Of course, this project is a long way off, but I have shown myself, I can do anything I set my mind to. It's time I did more for a country and a people that have given so much to me.

Have a lovely day, everyone.


G-Man said...

Purple Toe-Nail polish?
Would that be of interest to me?

G-Man said...

I just love dropping the coconut first...:P

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea! I hope it comes to fruition! :)

Great pics too!

lime said...

we had guys bang on our door one morning asking to harvest our coconuts. we let them.

i think the idea of a co-op in bangalore is wonderful. get your ducks in a row and make sure you've got all the legalities worked out so nothing can impede it once you get it set up. i love the idea of giving back though.

g-man said...

And Susie...
Do you think the song "A lovely set of coconuts" had a double meaning?

Blither said...

I love Purple!!! I am having a heck of a time finding this certain shade I wanted to accent my house with. Its a certain orchid purple.

Love it Love it!

Slumdog? Is that what you said? I have no clue about this. Am I missing out on something? XOXO

TorAa said...

I'm sitting here with a helmet on my head. Afraid of dropping coconuts.

Feels safe now to start watching the viseo-clips.
Gosh - they are courageous.
I rather buy coconuts - on glace and a straw to drink the milk.

You seems to live in a fabulous place and no doubt you have good friends around.

Mojo said...

And all these years I thought it was "Strawberry Alarm Clock"


S said...

Finally someone gets the Strawberry Alarm Clock reference! Good job, Mojo!