Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Devaraja Fruit And Vegetable Market

After our fun rickshaw ride to Chamundi Hills, Samir took us to the Devaraja Fruit And Vegetable Market, a photo opportunity if I ever saw one.
As some of you already know, every year I bring about 100 pens to India to give to kids on their way to school, but this year we came to Chamundi Hills either too late, or too early to find more than 6 or 8 kids to give our pens to. Samir told us he would find us a poor school to take them to, but we hadn't found one before we hit the market. What do you know, in the very first stall at Devaraja Market we spied a spectacled, and very handsome I might add, young man correcting trigonometry papers! Eileen asked him if he was a teacher and he said yes. Poor school or rich school? Poor school. So we gave him all of the pens for his kids! That worked out just splendid, plus we got to chat with him and admire his cuteness for awhile. :P
I want to tell you that as I am making this post, I am waiting for my pal from Hampi, Ramesh to call! (you remember that picture of Ramesh, and his cousin, Ramesh, right?) He is very happy to have received some money that we Western Union'ed him on Monday. Thank you, Western Union, for making this possible, thank you to the man at the Western Union office in Hospet for not trying to get some baksheesh out of this, thank you to Kishor for who unlike Ramesh has an email and a computer and helped us communicate. I know that sounds a little like an Oscar acceptance award, but I am not putting this here to toot my own horn, rather to remember it because this is my travel diary of sorts. When I am old and forgetful, that is why I blog this stuff. Ramesh has a wife and a toddler and a broken down rickshaw and I care for him dearly, and I needed to help him. So it is done. I feel good and we are looking forward to his call.
You know what else? The very day I sent the money I got two sales in my online store, proving to me that you simply have to give and it shall come back to you! Isn't that cool?
So back to the market which is best shown with visuals.

I hope you enjoyed Devaraja!
Have a lovely day!


G-Man said...

The Spices!!!!!!!!

Holy Chode would I ever have a ball!!

S said...

LOL Gman!

There were lots of choding spices to be gotten for mere rupees!!!!

lime said...

the colors are just so gorgeous. i'm glad you were able to be a help to ramesh too.

Mona said...

O dear, I saw a tomatoes mountain in Albertson today and when come to susie's blog, what do I see??? ( no prizes for guessing that!)

My brother in law showed some visible signs of improvement today but is stil in ICU

Thank you all for your prayers!

Anonymous said...

such beautiful colors!!! Wonderful!

barman said...

The market is amazing. I was at a farm market of such yesterday and I was lost a little in the produce and some of the spices. Let me tell you even though I loved the place, it can not compare to the wonderful pictures you just shared. Of course they are better in the summer when the produce is fresher but my that looks lovely. Now I think I need to go back and get some spices myself.

Glad you where able to help and doesn't that feel good even if you do not get anything in return. Gold star for you mistress.

Mojo said...

Yeah, I'll take one of those sacks of red chilis! You can't get 'em like that here! Choding hot!

vegetables market said...

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