Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Throw Susie From The Train!

Did you know that whatever you post on your blog may go to a Google alert? Apparently, I have offended some dipstick from Mysore with my blog. He found my blog from Google alerts which makes me ask, how to we keep from having Google "alert" when we just want to do our thing without having to deal with uninvited morons that want to spread their unwanted opinions? That being said, I am now eating with my left hand, neener neener! If you want to see his comment and my retort I will email it to you.....as for the offended party, I have this for you:
CHALO! CHALO! CHALO! Blogging this India tale is taking a while but that's ok with me, if'n you all don't mind. I'm going back to Mysore for the train ride outa there, the one that with the mean hallway door! You know, that one! I hope you can watch videos because this will be all about train rides!
Some of you might ask, do they really cram the train as in the above picture? Depends where and when you are there, madam. For this train ride from Mysore to Bangalore we took first class, but I assure you, it can get pretty funky as in the 11 hour 3rd class train to Hampi.

Lots of video, I know, but totally worth it, IMHO!


G-Man said...

Probably smelled like sweaty sandals, and curry!!
Do Indian men wear underwear?
Indian women?
Do they have bra's in India.
Is there toilet paper in India?
Do they have a McDonalds?
Were you looked upon as a White Sex Goddess?
Did you have an Indian 'Boy Toy'?
Did you ever have to pee in the street?
Do they have apples in India?

G-Man said...

Are there Blog Whores in India?

How do you say..YAHTZEE in Hindi?

S said...


Yes to sweaty sandals and curry
Um...I dont know if Indian men and women wear underwear but I have seen them for sale.
Yes they have ugly bras, all white and big and bulky.
The toilet paper rolls in India are very small and the paper rough. Villagers and old timers use water and their left hand!
There is a McDonalds in Bangalore and Delhi.
Of course I am a white sex goddess!

Indian boy toy? Me? Bah!
Yes to peeing in the street.
Yes they have apples in India but they are imported from Washington state.

LOL there are blog whores in India only in December, Gman, or February sometimes.

LOL You crack me up!

S said...

I dont know how to say Yahtzee but I can count from one to ten..


lime said...

thanks for the train ride. i think i actually got motion sick, hehehe.

i loved seeing the people walking around. so many beautiful colors on the saris.

Anonymous said...

slum or charl? charl or slum??? (take your finger and stick it up yer bum...!!! god i'm such a poet...heehee)
and the difference IS madam...??? lol :p

fab stuff suse...!!! gives you a real flavour of the country(side)...

oh...and i'm reliably informed that there is a McBlehPah's in Mumbai too...!!! :P

G-Man said...

Geeez Susie...Indians do the 'left hand' thing?

McTandori Chicken Sandwich, on Nan?

Thanks for being so informative..

S said...

LOL Mcdosa! :P

Mona said...

Well well...those are totally some videos that I can relate with!

& there are some of my experiences here in LA documented on my blog now...

Breazy said...

it is beautiful over there.

S said...

Whatever happened to freedom of speech and sense of humor?

I take it that Breazy is the only one that saw the comment I had to delete.

Whatever dude, take a chill pill.
I love India and I do NOT care what you think, nor do you have any idea how I feel about India so shove off.

S said...

PS You are probably a shiv sena anyway you moron.

Breazy said...

Susie, no need to apologize, I didn't read the comment the rude fellow left. When I stopped by I guess I wasn't paying attention to the other comments so I didn't see it. Have a good day girl!

LisaPizza said...

Yes, I want the low down on the problem child from India and his google alert. And on to more important things: Don'tcha just love a good mask? I do! I must say for the money one can't beat Queen Helene's mint mask. But how fun to have Indian mud on your face when you are waaay back home in Cali! Nothing better than a full train in a foreign land, overnight with sweaty strangers to make one appreciate the freedom and luxury of traveling by car cross-country in America.