Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thursday Portrait

Ok, this is the biggest dang apple that I have ever seen! It is over one pound!
Yeah I know, I can make my eyes bug out like Marty Feldman! :P
What? No India blogging? They have apples in India too, ya know.

Ah yes, Lime, the the poison apple HNT....remember it?
Happy Thursday, everyone.


G-Man said...

Imported from Washington !!

G-Man said...

What beautiful Bug-Eyes you have Susie.
Of course, EVERYTHING about you is a work of beauty Mistress.
Even your penchant for letting me usually take the first bite from your forbidden fruit of blogdom...
(What a metaphore eh?)


lime said...

that is one freakishly big apple!

the pictures make me think you should have done a snow white and the poisoned apple shot. hehehehe

S said...

Why yes Gman, a lot of the apples in India are imported from Washington, how did you know?

Lime, I did the apple thing way back in the Hijacker era, remember?

Jacquie said...

So who ever uses my computer last I post as them...ha -so Karen posting as Jacquie!!

Susie every word, picture and video were a total delight - brought me right back there - OH wonderfu Goa, Seby and gang, Canaught, Mysore and Sharooooon! Thanks for so generously sharing these - they are wonderful!

S said...

Oooh Karenji, I am so glad you came to see the India stuff! Is it my imagination, or are you ready to go back?


LisaPizza said...

Be careful Susie, Gandhi may take a bite of that big juicy apple. He looks pretty hungry! LOL

barman said...

I like the prince charming link in the old post ... :)

Now that IS a big apple. Wait, don't they call New York the Big Apple? Anyway very nice.

S said...

At last someone recognizes Gandhiji! :) Yay Miss Pizza!

Yes, Bryan we did some crazy stuff back then in the Hijackers days before we all, distracted.

G-Man said...

Distracted by 'trash'?
Or Hard Work?

S said...

Various what not, Gman.

Probably lots of both.
Trash is distracting, so is hard work.

RennyBA said...

Now your tempting me Eve .... or was it The Boss? :lol:

Happy Weekend Susie :-)

TorAa said...

Wow that Apple must have been bought in Eden or something - with the power to tempt