Saturday, March 14, 2009


So here we are in Goa where it was very, very hot. We got up really early to walk on the beach because otherwise it was just unbearable, and got to watch the sunrise! Eileen and I had a little pal follow us for the entire walk. When we got back to his territory, he went on his merry way.

Colorful Rajasthani women strolling in the morning.

Before we even arrived, we knew that Goa was going to be very hot, and yes, it was. How hot you ask? I'd say temperatures averaged about 95 with 99% humidity. One pleasant thing about sweating that much is that unlike you might think, you have no body odor. I don't know why that is, and I hope that's not TMI, but I like it. Here in California, with very low humidity, when you sweat, well it's a totally different story. But, try looking cute and glamorous with sweat constantly dripping down the back of your neck, off your nose, and down your back, and um, lots of other places too!
You already know about my coconut allergy, and here I am with "cucumber rings" on my eyes to help relieve the puffiness. Even thought the waiter at this beach shack has worked here for many years, he told us he has never had anyone ask for cucumbers to put on their eyes. He thought it was hilarious. It felt great!
I won't have any wild party stories to tell you this time. As you know, this was my 6th time in India, and I finally went swimming in the Arabian Sea and I have proof! That's me on the right chatting with an English bloke.
I did it! I really did it!
Eileen takes a dip.

Next up, crazy coconut hustlers.
Have a lovely day!


lime said...

aya! congrats on getting in the arabian. i never would have been able to wait as long as you did, unless of course there is something inherently grody about the water. but the sunset sure looks beautiful.

S said...

I have raesons:
I have sharkophobia.
In previous years, in Mangalore it was impossible to go to the beach without being followed by men.
I have sharkophobia.
I was afraid of germs.
I have sharkophobia.


LisaPizza said...

Love the cucumber shot. I'd travel with you any where, any time 'cuz you have a zest for life!

BTW, you have galeophobia, fear of sharks.

G-Man said...

Eileen swims naked?

Also, this post should inspire your next literary opus...
"Cowshit on the Beach"!!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! :) Beautiful sunsets and sun rises! And very interesting about the sweat thing... weird.

Mojo said...

Aw Suze... you're hot no matter where you Goa. (get it? go-a? nevermind.)

And... Galeophobia? Is that a fear of G-Man??

Might explain your hiatus from 55 Flash Friday...

Eaton Bennett said...

The last two photos of the sea are just beautiful...the last one is the most soothing colors. Happy RT!

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