Friday, March 06, 2009

Delhi Sneak Preview And Suzi Halwah

RennyBA asked about the mendhi so here it is!
At the rate I am going, it will take longer to show you all the cool shots from India than I was actually there!
After I jumped out of Pinto's rickshaw and snapped this picture, Eileen informed me that I "nearly got run over by a motorcycle." Bah!!!! Nearly doesn't count in India.Some of you might remember my pal Mubarik, which means happiness. You're looking swell with that beard and short haircut, Fabriccio! (That's his made up Italian name!)
Lotus Temple of the Bahai Faith
India Gate had about ohhh, 10,000 visitors that day so we opted for the drive by visit.
Eileen and Pinto near our hotel at Connaught.
A snack wallah near our hotel. Noooooo!
Have a lovely weekend!

Oh lookit here, I found a video on how to make Suzi! This time in India, I just made an eating motion when asked my name, pretending to eat something out of my hand, then said Susie. What do ya know, it worked!

**UPDATE** Since this Suzi Halwah video insists on starting everytime I go to my blog, and in high volume as well, I have taken it off! If you wanna see it go here:


13messages said...

You're so wonderful.

S said...

Aw shucks, M!

Anonymous said...

love that last pic...!!! ;) xx

RennyBA said...

Thanks for the tattoo show - specially for me (what an honour) and you know I like the last picture the best - so majestic or Buddha like you know :-)

Thank also for showing all the other cool shots from your trip and even more; to share your story and adventurers - it all is a great read!

lime said...

the mendhi is just so pretty. how long do you have to wait for it to dry though? and yes, that last picture makes me giggle. so cute.

barman said...

Great ending to a wonderful round of pictures. Aren't you suppose to have 3 sets of arms? Most creative and I love it.

Sorry I have been MIA but I am just trying to go around and catch up.

G-Man said...


Polt said...

Im pretty sure I could have some serious "happiness" with Mubarik! :)

Love the photos, SuzyQ!


Mojo said...

*snort* I got the last one at least. Four arms? (No, not "forearms" four.arms) Lakshmi? Goddess of wealth? Buying trip? For the business? Continuing production of wealth?

Buddah? Sheesh.

Good one!