Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Portrait

Eileen and I try out our special "sandle face pack" that we got in Mysore. The little jar is so cute with a picture of Mysore Palace on the label. The salesguy told me, "If you are 80, you will look 40. If you are 40, you will look 20. I feel younger already! Giggle. .

Have a Lovely Day!


Anonymous said...

home made spa treatments are the best!!! :) Awesome! I hope you relaxed and enjoyed!

lime said...

oh that's such a fun picture. some serious claims too? lol

S said...

Today I did the mask and I had a bit of a frown on when it dried, so my face was stuck like that for a half hour!
Best to smile before it dries, I think.
I dont know, Lime, dont I look half my real age? :P

BTExpress said...

Sorry, but I couldn't help laughing. LOL

Breazy said...

so how did it turn out? if it makes a girl look 20 yrs younger then Mysore here I come! LOL!

It looks like it feels good anyways, of course I love face masks.

Have a great day Susie!

G-Man said...

Yes I am on vacation.
Thanks for asking.
I'm waiting for that deleted comment!

jadey said...

What a great way to rewind and erase twenty years sounds like a plan to me. I hope you had fun. Flash Friday 55 is up

Anonymous said...

Sandle? Hmm.. Sounds good! I want it. But wait would I look 13? Hmm.. Ok Still want it.


Fabulous Pic, Bella!

RennyBA said...

You defiantly look like teenagers!

Mojo said...

Well of course you feel younger. Who doesn't feel like a kid when making mud pies?