Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Confounded Conficker!

Ok, so I think I might have that Conficker worm virus on my computer so I am using LRs laptop. I am still having troubles with Internet Explorer although McAfee says I don't have a virus. I am only able to use Mozilla Firefox, or the gorilla as we call it at my house, on my PC and while it was faster, now it seems like the entire www has slowed down to a snails pace. Are you finding that to be true, or am I just the lucky one? Before this confounded confucker came along, I was ready to smash my computer with a hammer anyway. It's five years old, plus some of you already know about the hampster drive on my computer that even Comcast can't help. "Do you live in a field or something?" they always ask me when I call for help. Why yes, I do in fact live in what is practically a field, thank you.
So, let's see what happens. If I have the conflicting curmudgeoned Conficker I'm going to eco-recycle my computer in a heartbeat and get another one ASAP! Thankfully I have an external hard drive and have all my pictures and music stashed over there and it's unplugged for the time being until I know it's safe.
For those of you that hang out over there at Facebook, I also apologize if my business business is interfering with your personal business. I know it's messing with mine! For all the hundreds of millions of people that "do facebook" there are an amazing number of issues with that site. And, did you know that if you send an email to Facebook, they send back an auto response that says we don't respond to emails, go "here" and work it out. ARGH! And there is no way to separate your personal and business pages. Why am I even bothering with Facebook for my busniess then? Because the big secret over at http://www.etsy.com/ is that Facebook gets you sales, and guess what? Three sales in less than 24 hours, so I suppose I am going to have to tough it out because that's so cool!
Let's see, what else? My neck hurts still. Oh well. Advil and I have become good friends. And you won't believe this, but last night Little Rita reinjured her foot, the broken one. So tomorrow I will take her to the Dr after school for another x-ray. Just, argh! It's totally black and blue, and she clearly is going to miss another month of P.E. which makes her just crazy. Her friends keep telling her how lucky she is that she doesn't have to run a mile EVERY DAY like they do, but she is the kind of kid that just wants to fit in, make no waves, do what everyone else is doing, and not stand out like a sore.....foot. Poor kid. Poor me, too, the Dr. bills, oyyy!
In other LR news, ya know, she is almost as tall as I am! Another half inch and she's got me. Now, I didn't even reach 5' until well into high school and then just stopped at 5'1". I'm pretty sure she's gonna pass me up by at least 3-4 inches, after all she is only 12. Hee hee, my butt is still bigger!
Spring has sprung in California and we have had a few really awesome sunshiney days. Now, the Farmers Market starts on Sunday and guess what? We are expecting rain! Obviously if it rains, I am a no show and that will suck, but what can you do? We do need more rain here.

In fact, I have been taking Indian baths which to me are really a fun way to pretend I am still in India. Ha! I'll bet you were wondering when that was gonna come up! If you don't know what an Indian bath is, I'll tell you. I was going to do a little video or picture story about it but then I'd have to show my parts and this isn't that kind of blog at all. So what they do in a lot of hotels in India is bring a bucket of hot water to your door in the morning, either that or you have such a tiny water heater in your bathroom that you will fill up the bucket with hot water and mix with a little cold and there is a little plastic pitcher that you pour that water on, then soap up, then rinse. For those of you that are thinking "that Susie is just crazy", let me explain that I cannot get out of my head this image of a little boy in Agra drinking orange rusty water out of a pipe coming out of the ground. Now that happened 3 years ago, when I went to India with Karenji. I just cannot forget it, and I cannot enjoy long showers or even baths anymore without remembering that little boy. In fact, I can't even leave the water running when I brush my teeth or wash my hands because he pops into my head at those times too. So I managed to update you about my life without talking too much about India, right? Ok Ok just a little more, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE came out of DVD today and is available at video stores right now! If you haven't yet seen it, now is your chance. Here we have the cover of Q & A, which Slumdog Millionaire was based upon. I looked high and low for this book before I went to India but it was unavailable. Then while in India, I found a copy in Bangalore for rs. 150. That's about $3! Woo hoo. The cover of the book has changed now, and so I am mighty happy that I have this one. The last thing I'd like to point out is that the book is different enough from the film so that seeing the movie before I read the book did not ruin it at all. In fact, had the film been more like the book, it would have stretched on for at least an extra hour, and that would have been ok by me. I hope you will read the book or watch the film, they are both fantastic!
Have A Lovely Wednesday!


lime said...

oh man, the worm and the injured foot. that's really sucky for both of you. i hope lr heals up quickly and you get your computer sorted out.

your water issues...my food issues. there are faces in my mind who haunt me if i try to throw food away

G-Man said...

Susie...A few weeks back, Explorer decided that it wasn't showing my text. I then had to post under Mozilla Firefox. But then Mozilla wasn't showing any You-Tubes.
You can bathe in a 5 gallon bucket?
I'll shut up.....G

~Tim said...

I hope LR is well soon. And your computer -- at least this is a good excuse to buy a new one! Not that that's really any consolation for the inconvenience and possible lost business.

Dean Kamen (probably best known for inventing the Segway) among others has a relatively low-cost, low power water purifier that should help in remote areas. Clean water must be a basic human right.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! The virus and LR's foot! Oy Vey woman!!! I hope everything gets worked out!

Halo works with water and watching the pollutant levels, we are very water conscious especially as we drive around the valley and see more and more crops dying. It's a sad state!

I'm excited to see Slumdog and will try to find the book too :)

BTExpress said...

Microsoft said if you've been updating with their security updates and your anti virus software is up to date, then you probably don't have it. If you want to be sure, follow this link for a free scan.


Mona said...

Its really almost inevitable that one gets hurt again & again in an injured part. I am sorry to hear about Rita!

Fortress Guinness said...

best wishes for a speedy recovery to LR...!!! hope the PC stuff gets resolved quickly too...!!! ;) xx