Wednesday, March 18, 2009

IRS Heck!

Chillin' in my favorite hotel in Bangalore.
I am sorry, I'm not around because I am doing my taxes.
My brain is going to explode! But, I am happy to announce that this year I made 50% more than last year! No wonder my neck hurts.
Have a lovely day.


G-Man said...

You ARE a Goddess!!!

S said...

Why thank you, Gman my only reader it looks like... sigh.
Well, I'm pretty sure Lime will be around sooner or later...sigh.
Lonely...I'm mr lonely....


Logophile said...

Taxes are awesome, huh?

I think you had more fun in India.

Anonymous said...

Yuk don't remind me about taxes!!! :P

Congrats on upiing the moolah, well done indeed! :)

And I love the Henna!

S said...

The only good thing about taxes are refunds, and that is over for me, at least this year, I think I might owe, sigh.....

Hey Soli!
Thank you!

lime said...

glad for the good business for you though. that's great news.

BTExpress said...

50%? Cool.

Mona said...

I love the henna portrait!

Things are improving here gradually! But surely!

& I posted Lime's Socks! :)

Suldog said...

OK, I came here because you came to my place because you came from Lime's place, or something like that, and what do I find? Another person who wears tie dye and makes funny faces! Is there some sort of group you belong to? If so, I would like to attend the meetings.

Thanks for the visit!

TorAa said...

It's good that your success stays in your neck and not in your head;)))

Wonderful hennah painting and wow, is it you on the first photo?

I like