Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ride The Tiger

Arjuna the elephant and her mahout take a respite.
One of my favorite places to visit in Karnataka is Mysore, just a three hour car, train, or bus ride from Bangalore. Since I first came to Mysore in 2002, they have paved the bumpy, dusty road between the two cities, but somehow, it still takes 3 hours! Go figure. The Mysore dynasty was founded in 1399, and wow, it shows! :P A visit to Mysore wouldn't be complete without visiting Mysore Palace, still the home of the royal Wodeyar family. The current palace was built in 1912 because the previous palace had burnt down in 1897. Photographs are not allowed inside the palace but I can show you the outside and all the goings on.
Of course you have to ride a camel and an elephant while at the palace!Arjunas eyelashes!

School pen, madam? But of course!

I have so many pictures of Mysore and I haven't even told you about Mustafa. Now Mustafa is that CHALO! kid that I met in 2006 when Karenji and I visited Mysore. Since he was a tiny kid he has been working as a tour guide while supporting his 2 sisters, mom, and good for nothing drunkard of a father. The first time Karen and I met him, he was pestering us, so I told him to CHALO! (go!) Were were surprised when he began yelling back at us, "Chalo! You chalo! This is my country, you chalo! Don't tell me chalo, you chalo!" We laughed our heads off and then chatted with Mustafa for awhile. He speaks 5 languages perfectly yet has never been to school. After all, how can a child that works constantly ever find the time for school? So this year he saw me at the internet cafe and came walking up to me, and reintroduced himself. We had a chat where I found that his life is still very much the same, drunken father, etc. I slipped him some rupees when noone was looking and he hid the money in his underwear. Afterall, when you are a 4'6" little boy, you're easy to shake down. Mustafa, you are only 12 years old, yet you are more of a man than your own father. To you, I wish you all the best and you deserve it.

As some of you know, people in India are not huggers like we are here in the United States. You know how we are, we hug everyone! And also, I have been told, that I touch everyone on the shoulder or arm when I talk to them as well. I never notice that I do that, except when I am in India because sometimes I shock people with the touching. So, when I said my final goodbyes to Mustafa, I was the one left surprised when Mustafa reached his arms up around my neck and gave me the biggest, warmest hug. I held him for a long time, and yes, it caused a bit of a scene, but I wasn't going to miss out on this moment. I will miss you, little man Mustafa.

There is so much more to show, but what's the hurry. I want to mention the Slumdog Millionaire phenom before I go. I have been asked, "Is it really like that in India? Do people really live that way?" Yes, it really is that way, I am afraid. It is estimated that 50% of the population of India lives in poverty.

Eileen said to me on the way home that she would never take for granted one single grain of rice, ever again. Nor one single drop of water. With 600 million people living in intense poverty in India alone, how could you ever?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Portrait~ Dealing and Wheeling!

One of the highlights of Bangalore this year was getting to know Mir, a Kashmiri business man. I have made some purchases in his shop before and noticed that this man has impeccable taste. Some of you might say, "it's Kashmiri stuff, what's the big deal, you can get that everywhere?" But let me tell you, this man expects and delivers top quality in ALL that he sells, so I latched right onto this guy knowing we both understood the importance of the Q word. Additonally, by using Kashmiri artisans and not Indian slave labor, he is helping to keep that tradition alive. Now, Kashmiri business men are hard working, sharp as a tack, slick, expensive, and could sell a bridge to just about anyone. I know this, and I know it well, so when my brain started spinning about making some future business with Mir, I knew I would have to gather up my best business sense in order to deal with him. This lovely silk carpet costs a mere $5,000 USD.
Eileen found herself quite interested in his Kashmiri and Nepali knives. As she pondered over them, I soon saw an opportunity.... He's distracted, good job, Eileen!
You want me to pay HOW MUCH for those silk scarves?!!
Eileen ensures that Mir understands we are not typical tourists that come to India and toss our money around!
Since we could not buy the carpet, Mir allowed us to roll around on it a little! Pure ecstacy!

Exquisitely embroidered and beaded wall hanging from Kashmir.
Eileen looking quite lovely in a pashmina that we could not afford to buy. BTW, I was quite surprised when my girlfriend who has been blonde as long as I have known her, showed up at my door as a brunette!
Lots of cool Kashmiri sculptures.
A little more negotiating was needed in the end, apparently! We miss you, Mir, thank you for a lovely time.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bring On the Photos!

Hanging out with my newest business contact, Mir. We had lots of fun with him, as I will show you in days to come.
Hello everyone! I am back in California now. Boy, am I tired! I am just taking it easy, playing with my mountain of textiles and treasures, and watching Survivor Palau this morning.
The flight back was long and hellish, one 8 1/2 hour flight, a 6 hour layover in Amsterdam, at the butt crack of dawn which prevented Eileen and I from heading out to the Red Light District to get in trouble. Well, women can get in trouble there too, ya know! Then an 11 hour flight to SFO. During the flight I watched at least 4 movies.
I have something to say about NorthWest Airlines....DON'T do it. They suck, their customer service sucks, and they will blame it on the merge with Delta. That's just bullshit. Just be nice to your customers, NWA. Northwest Airlines With BAD Attitude, I say. I will be writing a complaint letter. Wouldn't you know it, the only polite and kind stewardess that we encountered on NWA was brand new. When I asked her name, and told her that she was the only one who was nice, she told us, "if you think they are mean to you, you ought to see how they treat me!" NWA, your stewardesses are nothing but a bunch of prune faced nasty old women, and pissy faggots. Let's get some fresh meat on that plane, people that appreciate their jobs, please.
I am pretty happy to be home except that LR has some pretty tough math homework that we simply cannot help her with. I guess I am going to have to take 7th grade math now so that I can help. In the meanwhile, she's worked herself into a crying tizzy, and I have jetlag, and I cannot deal so I sent her to her room. Now I get it that a math problem that could be answered with simple division is being turned into a complicated fraction thing so that the kids will be able to later on tackle algebra, trigonometry and etc, but man, I just never got a handle on that kind of math! So, what I have to do is figure out the answer the simple way, then work backwards from the answer. My technique is really blowing her mind because it isn't the way the teacher taught them. The bottom line, my kid simply has to learn to ask for help from her teachers when she doesn't understand something. She's going to learn that the hard way apparently.
So enough blabbering, I have been awake for 16 hours now and I am starting to fall asleep at the computer....
Here come the visuals. All these pictures were taken by Eileen or me. Let's just start with Bangalore, shall we?Rajastani women are very colorful.
Here I am at MTR, Mavali Tiffin Room. If you want to know more about this wonderful restaurant that serves a 12 course meal plus desert for $2., Wiki it, they are quite famous. Lookit the mess I am making!

This place just cracks me up. Eileen and I noted that you would NEVER see a Beefshop sign in India.
More fun with Mir. At this point I have gotten my hands on his knives....hee hee. So that's how I negotiate business!Monkey up a tree in Lal Bagh Park, Bangalore.
This young man was very proud of his beautiful wife. So sweet!

Eileen and I at Ebony on the 13th floor.

Have a lovely day!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wowee Time To Go Already

Hello from Delhi everyone. I dont have a lot of time as I am using a computer in my friend Mubariks office in Pahar Ganj, but we have to be somewhere in an hour. I just got my annual henna tattoos which you will soon see when I get home. We are off to the Bahai Faith Lotus Temple and yes it really does look lika a lotus! Then we have to pack and hope our luggage is not overweight. This happens to me every year, doesn't it?
I am really looking forward to coming home and while at first, I was disappointed that I couldn't stay a month this time, I am actually ready to go. It's too hot for me and I am out of money. If you see some raggedy hippie chick begging in the Amsterdam airport, it might be me! LOL
Can't wait to get back and show you all my cool pictures. Eileen had a very clear beautiful day at the Taj Mahal and some lovely pics.
Karenji, I have just come from Preems office. He says to say hi to you but not before trying to get fresh with me when noone else was looking. LOL Madam!
See you all on the other side.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello from Goa. Today (Thursday) we will continue the pool thing. It's still very hot, as if I expected that to change. This morning we got up at sunrise so we could go up North and check out Old Goa, lots of churches and stuff.

(Friday morning) Yesterday morning we went to a Catholic Mass in Konkani, the language of Goa. As I am a non believer, I kept my attentions upon the ornate gold altar, statues, body parts of St Francis Xavier whats his name resting in a tomb, and other creative what nots. As I feared, a lightening bolt did not come through the church ceiling and strike me for being in there! In case you are wondering, I went for Eileen.

Spent the rest of the day lounging by pool and then at sunset Eileen and I jumped into the ocean again. Yes yes it's true! After six visits to India, I have finally swam in the Arabian Sea! It was fun. Since theft is common on the beach, we decided to walk down to the beach barefooted, only in our swimsuits and sarongs. Yes, that does cause a scene, even if you are a 48 year old California mama! It just takes some confidence and head held high to pull that off, and we did. I am glad that I finally swam in the ocean, and also that the sharks did not find us.

Today the entire hotel was awakened to the sound of coconuts blasting to the ground, while three very loud blabbering Konkani coconut hustlers raided the trees around our hotel. While it was quite a sight to see, I assure you that the entire hotel full of guests did not appreciate the early wake up call as partying until the wee hours had occured. I got some really cool videos and pictures, though, of the men scrambling up the trees. That is, after I went outside, wrapped in a blanket to ward off swarms of mosquitos, and told them all to shut their choding mouths! You know I am a bossy pants, and I was not about to listen to that blabbering if I could help it. Before you knew it, every hotel guest in the place was awake, with cameras documenting the event which went on for well over 2 hours. OYYYY!
So at the moment, I must run to my favorite vendor in Goa and take some picutes of us together. Sharon says hello to Madam Karenji and Mr Ratburn! Last night I had two whiskeys and then brought my new Finlandian? friends to meet Sharon, I told her "best prices" madam. I then stepped back outside to chat with her husband, Thomas. Things must have went well inside the shop while I sweated out my whiskey onthe street, because after the transaction was completed, I was given a gift of incense and a lovely carved stone incense holder for bringing the ladies to Sharon! Hurray. Then Mia and Mari escorted me back to the hotel for I was in no condition to be out wandering the streets, and they then continued their late night shopping spree.

Ok, I need a shower! See you all in Delhi.

**UPDATE** In Delhi now, busy day, Eileen is at the Taj Mahal while I shopped. More tomorrow. Susie

Monday, February 16, 2009

Goa! Goa! Hot! Hot! Hot!

Greetings from Goa! It's very hot. Too hot for me. I am going to float in the pool all day long. Spent the morning sitting on the beach chatting and watching fisherman. There are lots and lots of dogs running around and pigs too. A cow or so wandering into the ocean. Totally hilarious. I really have no exciting tales to tell, but that could be a good thing!
I have just finished reading Q & A, the book that Slumdog Millionaire was based upon. I was happy to discover that the book is different enough that seeing the film first did not spoil the book. Q & A is difficult to find in the US, so I was more than thrilled to find a copy in Bangalore. As some of you may know, Slumdog Millionaire has swept the BAFTA awards, which means something like British......Film ....bla bla Awards I dont know! But it was a really really big deal, and all of India is very proud.
Also, every single person, Indian, European, or otherwise, that I have spoken to about our new prezzie thinks he is just fabulous. When asked how I think he will do, I just say, well, he is just a human afterall, but a very well meaning human, so we are hopeful. So is the rest of the world, and I think that is just swell.
So off Eileen and I go to the pool where we are bound to not move all day long. Hope you are all well, lots of love to you all, especially my Little Rita and Mr Ratburn. My poor kid, you know, I have left her with a cast on her broken foot, then she got the flu, 103 fever, etc, and now she's lost another tooth. Mr Ratburn must be a might worn out. I'm thinking, a little bit of knowing how it is for mommys will do him some good!
Mr Ratburn, you know I will make it up to you.
Love you Little Rita and Mr Ratburn.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Close Call, No Owieeeee!

Sometimes I think sitting on trains
Every stop I get to I'm clocking that game
Everyone's a winner now we're making that fame
Bonafide hustler making my name
(Paper Planes from Slumdog Millionaire)
Greetings from Bangalore. It's 8 am on Sunday the 15th. Some of you are just heading out with your sweeties for a Valentine date. I hope it's swell!
Yesterday in Mysore, Eileen and I woke at 5:30 am to the sounds of the Muslim call to prayer. Now, we had thought the prayer call was at 5 am, so when we awoke, realized that we now only had a half hour to prepare for the train to Bangalore! Oops! We made it though, and the train ride was slow and lovely, running through the countryside between Mysore and Bangalore. I have taken some really awesome little movies from the train door that I cannot wait to post here. At one point, I had switched to the other side of the train because the sunrise was too bright for pictures. I was holding on tightly to the siderails with one hand while hanging out of the train with camera. Suddenly the train door slammed against my backside and man, I almost got tossed! Yes, the train was moving. If I hadn't been holding on tightly, I would be wandering the countryside near Mandya trying to get a lift back to Bangalore. I imagine I would have looked and felt pretty scuffed up from flying off the train, slamming onto the ground and then rolling down a hill full of goodness knows what! I would have been the hit of the town, for sure. And reading the headlines the next day would have found this:
Camera Wielding Foreigner Tossed From Mysore/Bangalore Train by Angry Door!
(They have a funny way of putting things here.) Next time, I will be sure to latch the door to the wall before I go in front of it. Close one. The pictures will be worth it.
After collecting ouselves we spent the entire day shopping on Commerical Street for clothes and stuff. Despite the intense heat and humidity, we managed to have a good time. Then after that, we headed over to MG Road to see our new pal, and my new business contcat, Mir. You know, Mir is one among thousands of Kashmiri business men that you can find in India peddling their northern wares. Kashmiri men are hard working, determined business men and often pushy and frustrating. I won't say that Mir is not that, but after spending lots of time with him, and having to pony up my chutzpa to equal his, we came to an understanding that I am a businessman too, and it would be in his best interest to back off just a little and let me steer. So, he did! Now, I just love it that I have made this new contact, well, actually it's not new, I have spent time and money in his shop before, but never could I get the focus I got this time. Woo hoo!
Eileen and I both had a good night's sleep and today we will take it esy, going to Lal Bagh, a lovely park in Bangalore, and then we will have to tackle our luggage problem. Seems Eileen can shop even better than me, and so I think once in Goa, I will introduce her to the mobile DHL van that comes to your hotel and collects stuff to ship. Isn't that awesome?
Ok so, I just want to say that I don't want to come to India in February again, you wouldn't believe how hot it is. ICK. I am sure to be spending 95% of my time in Goa in the pool. Period. Get ready for a tanned Susie when I get back!
Hope you are all well.
PS Karen, I ran into that CHALO kid in Mysore, seems we made quite an impression on him too. "Where is the big lady?", he asked me, holding his hand wayyyy up in the air! I hung out with him awhile and slipped him a rs. 500 note. Poor kid, since he was 6 or so, hs been a tour guide because his dad is a worthless drunkard. He has never been to school, yet his English is perfect. He also speaks some French, Spanish and German. What a kid you are, Mustafa!
Ok people, over and out. Have a lovely day.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day,

Mr Ratburn and Little Rita!


Demon Mahishasuran
I had this awesome post typed and then blogger ate it, or this lame computer ate it, or Mahishasuran ate it, I dont know, but now...I am too hot and sweaty to start over. All is well in Mysore, back to Bangalore tomorrow.
It's very very hot.
Love Susie

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kali! Kali! Kali!

Hello everyone! I am sorry I am making you wait so long for the next exciting installment of Susiestheboss In India. I have been so busy trying to get my textiles bought, packed and shipped within the madness that is Bangalore. Today we are taking a car to Mysore. Some of you might say, WHAT a car? Why not take the train, its much cheaper. Well after lasts nights adventure, I think that the men of India are not safe around me and so I'd better just keep myself away from them, nah?
So what happened last night? Eileen and I are chilling in our room after a day of crazy Bangalore. Someone rings our door bell so I think it's those silly floor boys wanting to clean the room again for tips. I open the door and there is an Indian man standing there in his fucking pajamas! He looks drunk and he is swaying a little. I said, "Yes?" He said, "I just wanted to come to meet you." For a split second I just stood there wondering WTF??? Then I said to him, "Go away!" and slammed the door and locked the three locks. Then I called the front desk and told them what had happened. To say that they were lessthan concerned would be the right way to put it.
Now, recently there have been a couple incidents in Mangalore, home of the most idiotic men on the planet, where men assaulted a group of pub going women, tore their clothes, molested them, beat them, while others just stood by and watched. One man came to their defense and was beaten senseless. A few days later, a 15 year old girl in Mangalore killed herself after some 26 year old man, that they are calling a BOY, give me a fucking break...raped her. Afriad that she would be in worse trouble when her parents learned that she was no longer "pure", she drank poison. The "boy" got away, big surprise. I fucking hate Mangalore. Sorry my Mangalorean freinds, but take a good look.

Ok so where was I? So, I told the front desk guy to send a boy to my room to ecort me down there where I then unleashed my fury. I then made them take me to his room and we pounded on his door. He came out. Well, you guys know me by now. I bit his fucking head off. I didn't notice, but Eileen said he was really sweating! LOL. I made sure he knew that he was inappropriate. He told me that he had met me in the elevator that morning. I don't remember that at all. But of course, as you all know, American women are loose so why not come to my room drunk while in pajamas? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

So then I asked the man, how did he know how to get to my room. The floor boy told him my room number! Oh man! So then I had to get back to the lobby and give them a piece of my mind for that. What a bunch of fucking morons. The front desk guys apologized, but it really felt mostly like they were trying to clear up the problem but still, as Indian men, lacked the worldliness and education to see this as a serious situation. Afterall, are we women not put here for men to fondle and bother?

So, don't worry. All is well. Some of you will remember last years incident in Delhi, the molestation. I am afraid to say that unless the women of this country start fighting back, they will continues to be treated this way. I do believe I said the same thing last year after the attack on the woman in Mumbai at New Years Eve. Look here, ladies, if you want to go to a bar to drink in India, bring your mace, your letter opener, your gun, your steak knives, whatever, hairspray too! Set the knives, hairspray, rubber chicken, (LOL Lime thats for you!) mace out neatly on your drink table alongside your Vat69. Cross your arms and squint one eye. Look mean. Be sure not to be showing any body parts even though it's 99 out and 95 percent humidity, because afterall, you are a loose woman drinking in a bar so you deserve what you get.
I am happy that in my country women can freely do as they please as still keep thier body parts respected.
In other news, is there other news? :P We are about to head to Mysore, home of Mysore Palace, Chamundi Hills and 1000 steps to Nandi the giant bull. Mysore has grown a lot since the paving of the road between Bangalore and Mysore. It has been tow years since I have visited. I hope I still like it!
Hope all is well in blogland. Love to Mr Ratburn, LR, and my kitties! Oh yeah, I just want to say that all of India are excited and hopeful of our new president. It is my hopes too, that Pakistan and India will calm the FUCK down. Enough said.
I also have been given an interesting take on the Muslim situation but I won't go into it here. Suffice it to say that poverty and starving children will make desperate people do desperate things.

Peace and Love to you all! See you in Mysore. Love, Susie

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bangalore Mania!

Excuse me, but does that tree look like a bud. G~man? It is, in fact, an indian tree in the sativa family, or was it the cannibis family? I can't remember. Monaji?
Hello everyone. I think I can finally take a breath here from running around Bangalore like a headless chicken! I have spent the last 3 days buying textiles, riding around in an autorickshaw, and watching Eileen's mind being blown out by my lovely, chaotic India.
Each year, it is clear that Bangalore will continue to explode upon itsself. I didn't even recognize my own favorite hotel when we arrived. The wall in front was gone, the road is 2 lanes wider, there is no sidewalk anymore so that my morning walk can set my spirit free. In fact, just now I had to drive to the place that I normally walk to. It's just too dangerous now.
I am being amused by Eileens reactions to stuff like cars coming within 1/8 of an inch, um milimeter from crushing a motorcyclists leg, or a bus turning left within inches in front of us. I realized that I am used to it, and it doesnt scare me anymore. Eileen hasnt really crossed the street yet, and by that I mean, cross an 8 lane road with thousands of cars, buses, rickshaws, motorcycles and people all at once trying to do what they have to do.
Why did the Indian man never cross the road?
Because it was bloody impossible!
She said to tell you if it's up to her, she wont cross the street EVER!!!! Hee hee, we can't walk around the block forever now, can we? She also would like to report that she will pay someone 20 rupess to take her across the street in a taxi before she will do it herself.
Last night we went out to a lovely dinner at Ebony. Such good food! The power went out about 10 times while we were up there, and while I didnt say anything to Eileen, I was wondering if we would be walking down the 13 flights of stairs. Better to walk then to get stuck in the elevator, nah?
Tonight we have been invited to the home of the family that I have bought my fabrics from for the past 7 years. So Eileen and I just picked up some lovely white roses for the Mrs. and yesterday, we bought some lovely salwars so that we will look like proper Indian ladies when we go.
Eileen has reminded me that I am now a smuggler, all that wheeling and dealing at the DHL office and all. Man, I can't take me anywhere without getting into trouble. The very awesome manager of my hotel has given me some very important lessons in the art of baksheesh. Now for those of you that don't know, baksheesh means bribe, but it also means tip, or gift, or some blending of all of the above. Let me just say that with baksheesh, all things are possible. The cotton um, erm, polyester is now on it's way to my house in California. :D
In other news, I can tell you how awesome it is to walk into a shop, restaurant, hotel, internet cafe, and be greeted with a familiar face or two, or three, or um, 25 or 30. In India, once you get a good job, you do not give it up. The people that work in my hotel have been working here 10, 20 and 30 years or more. So they all remember that scared wide eyed American woman who first came to India in 2002 in search of....well, myself, and some textiles too. Of course now I just boldy march in waving and smiling, namaskaring and smiling.
Yesterday I saw a dead dog in a ditch on the side of the road. I am not sure why, but it has been really bothering me. In the US, I dont think there are too many people that would leave a dog at the side of the road and not give it a proper burial. It probably got hit by a car inthe middle of the night. You guys are going to think I am weird, but I went over to the dog, and I said a prayer for him, and I told him, that I am the one person in this world that cared about him. Someone had to. No creature deserves to die and then be left at the side of the road forgotten. If I could have I would bury him, but where to do that I wouldnt know. I think it made me especially sad because when I went to India two years ago, I had put my dog to sleep 3 days before I left California, and I was very attracted to dogs that year. Quite a few of them ended up following me around. When Karenji and I returned home that year, we also learned that her family dog had been hit by a car while she was gone. We both lost our dogs that month. I don't know why I connected that with this poor doggy in the ditch, but I did. I don't need to make sense all of the time, do I? Just say a little prayer for that doggy for me, ok, and I will feel a lot better.
It is alot hotter in February than in December here, and the smog in Bangalore is terrible. But, the new airport, one hour south of the city, is state of the art, lovely, efficient, and painless.
Now if you are all worried about that India/Pakistan thing, know that I am far away from Pakistan and Mumbai, and that I am safe, and that there's not a Pakistani or an Indian on this sub-continent that has it out for me. Try not to worry about that and send peaceful vibes instead.
Hope all is well in blogland.
Love, Susie

Sunday, February 08, 2009

We're here!!!!!! All is well. Sunny, breezy and about 88. We are exhausted. I got a sticky keyboard too.
More later!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thursday Portrait

Agra January 2007 by Karenji
See you in India, people!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

This picture cracks me up! It's so India!
So, well, um, yeah. I just...I'm nervous. Why, after going to India 5 times already, am I still nervous? I don't know. It's the airports that do it to me. And flight schedules. And not being able to lie down for 36 hours. (36 hours? What? Let's just say that unless I wanted to pay $3,000 this year, the quick way to Bangalore was out of the question.)
I have more than once done that sprint that OJ made famous in the airport commercials from the 80's. In fact, last year, it was starting to look like Mr Ratburn was going to beat me to India until I did some mighty fast sprinting and then pleading and begging at the United Airlines counter. In the end, I made it to India two days before Mr Ratburn.
So today I had my 106th sale on ETSY. That doesnt seem like a lot in 22 months, but it really has added up. Seems like all the funds I make selling at the market goes into paying for reality while my ETSY shop has paid for my dreams. That's ok by me. When I get back from India, I really plan to push the ETSY even more because making money in my sleep rocks!
As for leaving my family behind, wouldn't you know it, instead of getting easier, it just gets more emotional and difficult. I hate leaving my girl. And I am really going to miss my kitty this year because she is my newest baby girl. And, I had so much fun with Mr Ratburn last year that I wish he could come with me again!
Sheesh, I sound like such a big whiner. Sorry.
Now in other news, we have just started watching Survivor Palau. How many years behind does that make us? LOL I won't worry about spoiling it for you, and I am only on the first show anyway, but I just LOVED how the adventure started with the survivors having to row and/or swim to shore and begin making a camp. What I want to know, is, why anyone would participating in the third season of Survivor choose to wear stilletos on the boat is beyond me!
Now, I have a new goal which is that I want to either be on Survivor or The Amazing Race one day! I could really give a crap about one million dollars, although that could come in handy. What I see, especially on Survivor, is the opportunity for one mighty fun alternate adventure. As for TAR, I don't really think it would be that much fun running from airport to airport, do you? I also see in TAR and Suvivor the opportunity to play the game with integrity, or to be a total dickhead. Which way would you play? Would the money be the most important thing, or the adventure itsself? I have no doubt that the experience itsself is far better life changing than one million bucks. Of course, having both would not hurt.

Ok that's all for now.

Monday, February 02, 2009


...Im speechless.