Monday, September 28, 2009

Ya Olde Good Tyme Kind of Weekend

This past Sunday we sold our wares at the 2nd annual Steampunk Handcar Regatta in our coolest of neighboring towns. A lot of fun was had by all. If you want to see more cool photos and videos of the races, go here.
It was 103 that day. Incredibly horribly hot. But still we all managed to have a good time, ride and climb on lots of contraptions, eat some olde tyme foods, dress like coca cola girls and have a fun old fashioned time checking out the inventors and their handcars. The highlight of the day is of course the races that are held out on the abandoned railroad tracks which the regatta is centered around, and the above pictures show some of the race entries.
It's 1 am kids, if a picture paints a thousand words, can I be done now?
Have a lovely day!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Abby Normal Ly Attracted to What?

I was getting really excited about the newest Tori Amos release titled Abnormally Attracted To Sin, and wanting to review it here for you. Some of you know that I have been fanatically fond of Tori for 15 years. In fact, I remained faithful to Tori until I met my most gorgeous man, Rufus. I even had a weekly column called Tori Tuesday here on my blog way back in the day.
I am sorry to say that I totally hate the new Tori stuff. Every song makes me think, "That sounds just like her Choir Girl Hotel phase." or, "that song is totally Scarlets Walk all over again..." Just saying that if you've already done it, Tori, why do it again?
How disappointing....sigh. Hey, I know getting older sucks Tori. Trust me, I know because I'll be 49 in two months, but I had to look far and wide for a really hot picture of Ms. Amos at this stage of her life. Sigh...listening to Scarlets Walk right now Tori, just to remind myself how most excellent you can be. (So harsh, I know...)

Now, some of you know that Mr Ratburn is a teacher and yesterday he came home with this book which just made me laugh really hard. He said the book is both useful and funny, and I did see him chuckling a few times which is rare for teacher bookstuff reading. I'm sure we could all use this book. All of us except this girl, she crafts the best sentences! Sometimes I count the words in her sentences and cannot believe she was able to make such a wonderful sentence so long and also still made a lot of sense unlike the sort of sentences I write which often do not make sense at all and I also noticed I repeat words that I might have used in the previous sentence, erm, too.
In other news, I am sewing my arse off because I have the privilege of hanging out with the Claypools this Sunday at the local freakage fair and running our clothing/cashmere booth. I have been busy making all sorts of funky, sexy and fun bloomers which will not appear in my shop until after the regatta, just in case I sell 'em and all, you know!
I'm getting really excited about India already and have news that one of my ol' pals is expecting a baby about when I get there. That will be fun for sure. I am looking forward to sharing India with yet another friend who I have known for over 22 years. Like last year, she is a woman with very blonde, almost white hair and blue eyes. I wonder if she is going to show up at the airport as a brunette like Eileenji did last year? I do hope she keeps her lovely hair color...
So yeah, I am almost squealing with exitement about getting back to my India in...

Have a Lovely Weekend!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Keep Your Eye On The Prize, Baby

Hanging out at Rikhi Ram in Delhi, February 2009, with some quasi famous persons. :D
Ok yeah, I am smiling bigger in the first picture because that musician guy on the right is super gorgeous and I enjoyed "chatting him up", as they say in India.
(If you really wanna make my day, tell me if you know who any of these people are!)
Have a lovely day
and yes, it's time for this already:


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Winter Song

When I was about 20 years old, my boyfriend gave me a copy of Yoko Ono's Approximately Infinite Universe. Quite a rare double LP back then and even more so today, it is still one of my treasures. This is a tv interview from FLIPSIDE with John Lennon and then Yoko performs Winter Song. It's really, very lovely and I hope you will think so too. Don't worry, if you need to hear some good ol' Yoko style moaning,grunting and screaming, plenty of that can be found on the rest of Approximately Infinite Universe, now available on Itunes. (I'll just bet!)
I hope you will enjoy it.

Have A Lovely Day!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We Are All Earthlings...

Have a Lovely Day, Earthlings!

Oh, and in case you thought Patrick Swayze was just totally haven't seen this. RIP Patrick, sir.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Are You Ready Boots?

I think someone was way ahead of Lady Ga Ga!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Some Music To Work By...

OK this guy Joe Higgs was pretty cool. In fact, he was a music teacher to Peter Tosh and Bunny Livingston, and was called the Father of Reggae by Jimmy Cliff.
Enjoy! I'll be over there making stuff.

Have a Lovely Day!