Friday, October 07, 2011

Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs Again!

Michelle in Seattle who's the freak in the box?

As my three readers already know, I just went to Seattle in July! But when Michelle got a hold of a free plane ticket to anywhere in the USA, it was clear that she had to choose Seattle, because Heather lives there too! So, off I went again, and as you can see, here are Michelle, Heather and I relating to each other like we always have. Hmmn, awkward?

So then we decided to check out the view from my bedroom window of our 3 room suite! Not bad, eh?

Then we decided to put away those computers and have a little liquid refreshment.

Wow, girls, did I mention the view from my bedroom window?

Of course, the mandatory pig at Pikes shot! Fish were also shoved into the face of Michelle, who was more than a good sport. Anyone get a shot of that?

I am NOT Gnomie Gnomington! I am NOT!

We visited the sculpture park on the waterfront during a fricking wind and rain storm. Good thing I had my on long sleeve tie dyed shirt that Lime made for me!

So that's how she does it!The view from our other room.....ack!
We took the monorail to the Needle...
Freaks on the Monorail

Logo falls down and Michelle climbs on dangerous stuff after sniffing too much from that bag on the ground there. JUST KIDDING!!! Sometimes you gotta work hard to get a shot like this one down below.....

I like this shot because our hair mixed together and it looks like her hair is mine. Goodness knows, she has enough to spare! Now, if you wanna see more, you have to check out Michelle's blog because she took lots more pictures than I did!