Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thursday Portrait on Saturday

Quite awhile back, a couple of years ago even, I promised my devoted readers a glimpse of my old comic book drawing days. Finally, and since we built a new storage shed this summer, I have found a batch of my drawings in my stash! Of course we know that we are not blogging like in the old days, but I still have my three devoted fans. This is for you!
I drew this when I lived in Venice Beach, and I was 28, and having a very bad PMS day. See all those slashes on my arms? NO I was not a cutter. I had been working on a quilt job and the pins were super sharp, it was too hot to wear sleeves. Every time I swung that quilt around on the sewing table, I would take a cut from a pin! I was late in completing that job, and mighty stressed out!
So this was my self portrait, complete with my favorite Bazooka Bubble Gum tshirt and patched up Guatemalan pants, long crazy Axl Rose hair and no shoes, of course.

I hope this gives you a Giggle!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thursday Portrait Flashbacks

Hampi 2006
Susie and Ramesh chillin'

Hee hee! Will she go to the Taj Mahal for the 4th time?