Thursday, January 28, 2010

City Market, Bangalore

I spent about an hour in a neighborhood called City Market, in Bangalore. It was not at all what I expected. I expected more like a farmers market and vegetable bazaar, but what I found was an incredible neighborhood packed with vitality. I shot all of these images in about a 3 block area. Wow, what a dramatic neighborhood!
This bamboo is used for handmade ladders and building scaffolding.

Making samosas.Sweet shoppe

These guys are selling Indian music cds.

Hot samosas, anyone?
Bollywoods next stars.
All these photos are taken by me, so there.
Have a nice day.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Had A Dream, A Crazy Dream...

Here we are at Agra Fort hanging with handsome young men! Woo hoo!

So, one of the things that happens to me after I return from India is that I have lots of really weird dreams. I am so disoriented, and the jet lag is so bad, I just am out of my mind. In fact, I don't usually remember my dreams at all, but these are so weird they are unforgettable.
I thought I would share the two oddest dreams with you.
So, in this dream, Gary and I were out front of the Taj Mahal in a car which of course is total nonsense because you can no longer drive a car to the Taj! I was changing my clothes for some reason, but had only gotten the old clothes off. Suddenly, I am out of the car in only my chaddis (that's panties only, madam!) This was of course attracting way too much attention so I began running away but ran into the Taj grounds. But of course a police officer grabs me and suddenly I was in the Taj office in trouble because I didn't have any clothes on. Gary had my clothes, and why he didn't come with me I sure don't know. I was left waiting in the office alone, so then I escaped the Taj officers and went running back to the car, just in time to see Gary driving away! I began running down the street still in just chaddis looking frantically for Gary, when suddenly India turned into a suburban street in Florida.
Then I broke into someones house to get clothes and she caught me and called the cops! I managed to get away from her and began running down the street again, still mostly naked because I didn't get any clothes before being caught. Next thing I know I am in someones bed..I don't know whose, then one of my friends sons came into room to tell me that his mom had had another abortion (totally nonsense, no abortion in real life and I have no idea why that part was in the dream) then Gary finally shows up and I was of course furious at him for leaving me mostly naked at the Taj Mahal.
"Where have you been! I am now a fugitive from the law!"
"Why?", asked my runaway husband.
"Because I got caught running down the street in only my underwear!"
And he said, looking quite surprised, "why did you run down the street in your underwear?"
"Because YOU had my clothes, where did you go? Why did you leave me in the street with no clothes?"
To this he calmly replied, "Oh, I waited for you and you didnt come back so I went out for a couple of beers!"
Then I woke up.

Then there was this one.
I was in the Hong Kong airport and my flight was delayed so the airport hostess was bringing me to a room to sleep in. "How wonderful", I thought, "I can get some nice sleep before that 12 hour flight to San Francisco." The room was dark, and the hostess turned back the covers for me and I got in. Just as I began to relax I noticed there was a dark skinned man with no shirt lying beside me in the bed. I think he was Indian but might have been Chinese.
"Hmnnnnnnn, something is not right about this", I thought, "why is there a strange man in my bed?"
I continued to lie there and even tried to sleep but couldn't get that thought out of my mind that this man should not be here, and where the hell were his clothes?
"This is wrong, this is just wrong", I thought.
This is when I began to wake up, and realized that I was in my own bed at home, and that man had suddenly turned into Mr Ratburn, with no shirt on.
Whew what a relief!

Of course another thing that happens when I get home is that when I am half awake, I say silly things like I did the other day. Mr Ratburn woke me up from a nap so that I didn't sleep all day long, and I mumbled something like, "so do we have time to get to work in Bangalore today?"
That is when I noticed Mr Ratburn staring at me funny like, and I said, "did I just say something stupid about Bangalore?"
To this he nodded.

Argh! Jet lag is a bitch!
I hope you are all well.
Have a lovely day!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Surf's Ups, Dudes!

THis is a noisy video so I had to take it off, sorry bout that!

We interrupt this India thing to show you something rare. Surfing under the Golden Gate Bridge! Rarely are waves large enough to surf there, but it's no surprise as we've had flash floods, thunder and lightening and 8-10" of rain in one day! Wowee!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Raining Cats and Dogs, Elephants and Rhinoceroses, Bulls and Bears Too!

Oh man, this was the best meal I had in India! Thank you Mirs mommy! (it's true I have forgotten her name....I just called her Mommyauntie)
Mirs daddy, me, Mir and his mommy eating a most delicious dinner!
Shiva Kumar, one of my favorite "floor boys" at my favorite hotel in Bangalore.

Preem, my pal in Delhi. Preem means love, and he is such a dear.

OK I am home and now we are having flash flooding, thunder, lightening, mudslides and expecting 8-10" of rain today alone. I have slept 3 hours because of jetlag and the rain was so noisy it kept me awake. Do I wish I was back in India where it is warm and sunny? Naw...happy to be here.
Here are some random pics from my trip.
Have a Lovely Day!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hello, Mirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Waseem and Mir

I'm home now!
I miss you two already.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Highway On My Plate

I suppose I oughta make a post! So, what happened is that Keri stayed in Goa 4 extra days, came to Bangalore, spent the night, and then left back to Goa the next morning. I swear, she didn't even make it out of the hotel before deciding to go back. Now, I think I have told you, that Keri has blonde hair that is nearly white, fair skin and blue eyes, and is also quite curvy. The men here took one look at her, and they all started short circuiting! See, everyone in India thinks I am half Indian, and I like to say that I am, it works well here, I don't get stared at so much, and the people can relate to me a little better. So for me this isn't so tough to fit in. For Keri, it was clearly impossible.
So back to Goa she went for the rest of our trip. So the past few days I have been wandering around Bangalore on my own. Yeah, true, I have been here 7 times, and I love it here, but I was looking forward to sharing it...oh well.
So what have I done in the past three days? I went to a fancy movie theater and saw 3 Idiots, a blockbuster film which made back all their money in the first weekend it came out. It is really quite groundbreaking for an Indian film, with very little Bollywood sneaking in. Yes, of course, there has to be some Bollywood action in every Indian film, but the singing and dancing was minimal and really sweet. Kareena Kapoor looks adorable in her dorky glasses which she only takes off to have a good cry, and the main character in the film reminds me so much of someone I know in Mangalore. This film is about 3 college lads and their adventures in India. Even though the entire film was in Hindi, I still got it, and wow, what a film it was. When it makes it to the USA I highly encourage you to see it. With subtitles of course. 3 Idiots gets 4 out of 5 sewing machines for a rating from me!
While I was waiting for the film to start, I enjoyed watching the entire city of Bangalore freak out over a solar eclipse! Wow, what a rare treat. I sat outside on a patio of a coffee shop, and viewed the eclipse from a reflection on a water tower. Hundreds of people were so excited to watch this, while at same time thousands of people who believe that eating and going outside during an eclipse is a bad idea, so the streets were filled with celestial wonderers, while the goofball superstitious hid inside. Ok, now this is funny but also not...I read that in some villages people believe that if you bury your children up to the necks in cow dung during the eclipse, they will be removed of all their sins and impurities. Now apparently, last solar eclipse, or lunar eclipse, or something, the police in one of these towns which I cant remember the name, came along and found a bunch of little naughty kids buried up to their necks in cow dung and ordered them to be removed. The police also forbid the parents from doing this again, but this year, the eclipse found a handful of buried naughty kids again and cops had to remove the poor buggers! OMG what a country this India is. Also there was a man that buried himself up to the neck in garbage to do the sin removal thing. I don't know how pure he is today, but I do hope he got a full bath after that!
Additionally, because of pure ignorance, there were quite a few cases of burned out retinas the following day, from people staring directly at the sun during the eclipse. I knew that was going to happen. In fact, during the eclipse, I saw a bunch of teens staring right at the sun and I just couldn't stop myself, I ran over to them and told them how dangerous that was, and that they should stop at once. Thankfully, they listened to their American Auntie! Their retinas are thanking me today.
Ok then I went over and hung out with my pal Mir, in his lovely new shop. Mir has been reading my blog and reminded me that I haven't yet talked about his beautiful large, elegant, delicious, sumptuous, lavish art gallery of kashmiri handcrafts. It is 5 times the size of his old shop, and on a lovely corner where the breezes wrap around the building and make it a nice place to hang around and shop of course. Later that night, Mir came to my hotel and we had dinner at Alampur, home of the famous Gobi Manchurian, which is a Chinese spiced cauliflower dish and a specialty at Alampur. I am telling you, if you are ever in Bangalore, you must try Alampur, it's a fabulous restaurant.
After eating Mir and I wandered around Bangalore in the night but since the President of Ireland is staying at the Taj West End, a 5 star hotel near my hotel, there were at least 75 cops guarding the entrance to the Taj West End. They made us walk out into the street and not on the sidewalk. Sheesh, last time I heard, the President of Ireland isn't a hunted man, but good job, cop boss, he is quite safe. In fact, Mr Pres. is still at the Taj West End so I cannot leave my hotel until the president of Ireland says so. Seriously, the street is blocked by cops, lots of them! It's humourous.
Once I escape the confines and safety of the cops protecting the Taj, I will get to City Market for a photo taking day. City Market has colorful fruits, vegetables, meats, handicrafts and what not. I hope it will make for some lovely pictures.
Ok so yesterday I went shopping on Commercial Street, Bangalores famous shopping area which is composed of 4-5 streets running parrellel and then a long street on each end. There is also a mosque in the Commercial Street area and so I was treated to the sounds of the call to prayer. Really, it is lovely. Now, here is something I noticed about the shopkeepers in Commercial Street. Most are Muslims, some are quite lovely, but many of them are quite abrupt and make you feel a little unwelcome. I am here to tell you, that in all of India, this is the ONLY place where I feel a bit out of place and prejudiced against by Muslim people. Everywhere else, I am met with love. So, I am thinking this Commercial Street is a very tight knit Muslim community, and indeed, if you peek beyond the shops, you will catch glimpses of the women in their homes and courtyards, and see that they do indeed live here, as well as work here.
No matter what is going on with those sorts of feelings of indifference, Commercial Street is always a bargain hunters paradise filled with endless South Indian treasures. I had a great time getting lots of goodies for my Little Rita.
Ok then, I came back and fell asleep at 4:30 pm for 5 hours. Since I am leaving tonight and will be on other side of the world in 36 hours, it doesn't really matter when I sleep. I am going to be messed up anyway, with a 7 hour flight, a layover in Hong Kong, and then a 12 hour flight back to San Francisco, so sleeping where and whenever is not a big deal.
So I am off to take some pics of veggies, fruits, and meats hanging around from hooks, erm yuck. But I am hoping for some rocking pictures. My heroes, Rocky and Mayur

Oh I want to mention my favorite Indian TV show, which is called Jai Hind with Rocky and Mayur, Highway On My Plate. Something like that. It is a show in which Rocky and Mayur travel the world in search of foods like that Andrew Zimmern guy. But man, these two guys are hilarious and the food looks fabulous. Catch it if you can.
Have a lovely day and thanks for traveling along with me!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


It's never a good thing when I post this picture, but
at least I'm not in Haiti.
I have nothing to say, I want to come home.
Get the cheeseburgers and fries ready, Mr Ratburn!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Motorcycle Kitty Gang, Here I Come!

Ok wow! I just am so giggly over last night events, but first let me just tell Ian that of course you may have a shawl for your lovely Jan. When I get back we will set up the camera and I will show them all to you and then you can pick one out. I have 80! :P
So, last night I got on my best little ghetto salwar kameez and hopped in a rickshaw and headed over to Mirs shop to meet him. (Ghetto salwar is what I call the cotton inexpensive ones, and believe me, I was highly aware that I was not dressed in the height of Bangalore fashion. These women are on top of style and prefer super glitzy stiff cotton and polyester, tight arms, overly decorated salwars in solid colors with mega gold trims. They are totally uncomfortable! I hate them. So, there I was, in my Jaipur ghetto salwar kameez as comfy and happy as a clam!)
Ok where was I? So when I got to Mirs shop which was supposed to be closing at 8pm, his worker told him that he was expecting a customer at 9:30, so we had to stay and wait for them. But of course they didn't come! So then Mir and I jumped into a rickshaw and headed to his home. His brother and friend who also works at the shop were already home by the time we got there, having rode the bikes home.
So there I met Mirs mama, and daddy, who I met on Sunday, and we had the most delicious meal of rice, chicken, mutton, yogurt which they call curd, salad of onions, carrots, cucumbers. My goodness I thought I was going to burst I ate so much but Mir and his mama kept insisting that I eat, madam, eat! Man, I was trying my dangdest to clear that plate but I just couldn't do it. I have to confess I have never eaten mutton before because, well, baaaa baaaa baaa! I just can't stand the thought of eating sheeps! But guess what? It was delicious! Tasted a little like a wonderful Italian meatball! Maybe when I get home I will finally try a lamburger!
Then Mir and his brother Wasseem whipped out my camera and we took some really fun pictures which I will show you next week. We made some videos too. I was told that it is time for me to update my camera since I have had it "every year in India, madam!" What can I say it takes great pictures, just not quickly.
So then Mir showed my pictures of his fiance and their engagement pictures. They will be married in the summer and Mir has invited me to his wedding in Kashmir. WOW do you think I oughta go? That would be a trip, wouldn't it?
Ok so by that time it was quite late and so Mir and I hopped on his bike and headed back to my hotel. By that time of the night there is no traffic and so it was completely a rush breezing through the streets of Bangalore! We got a little bit lost because Mir doesn't come to this side of Bangalore often, but that just made the ride longer, and fun!!!!!
Now Mr Ratburn says I need a leather jacket so I can join a motorcycle gang. He called it Motorcycle Kitties! LOL Well yes, that is about my speed. Plus, it will take a teeny little motorcycle for me to be able to reach the ground while sitting on it, so yeah, I would look kinda kittyish!
Oyyyyyy I love Bangalore!!!!! Keri will come tonight and then we will finish the complete blowing off of her head by introducing her to Bangalore traffic and insanity. Also, we intend to eat ourselves silly for the next 4 days.
Hope all is well! Have a lovely day.

Born To Be Vild, madam!

Woo hoo, yes it is me with the crazy ratty hair and broken glasses here! I have just gotten off of a crazy motorcycle ride afterall. Now, in Bangalore it is at last and "thanks god", "compulsory", for the driver of a motorcycle to wear a helmet, but not the passenger. Hello? Is this because passengers have harder heads? So yeah, I was just a little nervous when Mir nearly squeezed us between two busses, and maybe a little more nervous when we darted diagonally across many lanes of congested traffic, but still it was fun. Oh, did I mention that I had a 16 kg bundle squeezed between myself and Mir? A package so large that I was afraid I was going to fall off the back, and my chin had to rest on the top of the package!
It just took us 2 post offices, and 4 hours to handle this matter! Now as you know, in the USA, you go to the post office, get in one line and are waited on one at a time, no matter why you are there. In India, there are no lines, no signs, no window designations that one can clearly see, and every one just squeezes to the front of the line regardless of how long you have been standing there. So, at the first post office we were told the fee to ship, given the forms, and weighed the package. After 20 minutes we were told they could not accept cash or credit cards at this time of day! So Mir got really pissed off with the post office lady and I ended up kissing her ass to save us! Then we had to get on the bike again and find the other post office on Museum Road which would take our package and cash. Well, finding that post office took nearly a half hour but it was really thrilling being on the back of a motorcycle WITHOUT a helmet, eeeeeek, in only sandals. I really had to visualize a safe bubble. Thats how I do it. A bubble...a big pink bubblegum bubble I am in and noone can pop it!
So we get to second post office and are told that we have to wait til 4pm, please sit down. So we sit down and in the meanwhile the counter is flooded with people that will NOT wait til 4 pm, so that put us, the first ones to arrive, behind all of them. Ok now this is funny. In India you have to sew your package into fabric because by the time a cardboard box reaches you in the USA, it is as flat as a dosa! That's pancake for you non Indians. :P SO then they give us these labels to stick on and a little pot of glue! OMG I was laughing my ass off about that glue. So, there is Mir, behind the counter, using his fingers to glue a label on the fabric package, and they also made him write everything that was on the label on the package as well, in case the label falls off, madam.
God, I just wanted to fall on the ground laughing at these people. Finally, we got this damn package mailed and in it, 60 awesome kashmiri shawls! Line up, ladies for first pick. I will be home next Tuesday and it's first come, first served! I am sure the package will get there before me, but if not, shortly after. Oh, in case you are wondering....$155.00 USD to ship 15 kgs to my house in 6-10 days, approx half of what it costs for DHL or FedEX but obviously taking up a lot more time.
In the meanwhile, I also have 60-70 kgs of textiles working on being shipped but not by the post office. I am just going to suck it up and pay DHL prices. It will save me days of work it looks like.
Now Mr Ian, I noticed you said it's ok for me to bash Southern Brits! That would be Londoners, naah? So no scouser bashing, ok sir! Look, Mr Ian, I am just pointing out that in Goa, these people retire there, drink gallons of beer all day long, tan their hides to the consistency of leather, lying on the beach ALL DAY LONG, drink themselves silly every night, then come home barf their brains out and do it again the next day. What fun! And to top it off, they think they own the place. And to top it off, the are MEAN to sweet happy gals like me. I would call that a whole bunch of sour grapes. I wouldn't call that Brit bashing, its just the facts, sir. Anyway, I am done with Goa, next year I am going to Kerala.
So I have gotten a ring for my boyfriend, Mr Ratburn! Now I can make an honest man out of him.
Lets see, what else. Tonight i am invited to dinner at Mirs house, so that will mean more hair raising motorcycle journeys through Bangalore City at night. Gulp, erm, and wheee! at the same time.
Now, yesterday I spent $1,000. on fabrics and boy was that fun. I am already excited and inspired about what I will make when I get back. I save my $$ all year and then come here and spend it all. It is so exciting I cant tell you. I lost track of how many meters I have bought, but I will tell you this, $1,000 buys a lot of kalamkari, madam! I ran out last year, so hopefully I will have enough to last the year out this time.
OK so what else, Keri is coming tomorrow night from Goa, and I think Bangalore will blow her mind. I cant wait to hear about her adventures in Goa without me, and show her my favorite places in Bangalore. Hopefully I will have this massive shipping of textiles out of the way before she gets here.
I am in my favorite room in my favorite hotel in my favorite city in India. What could be better than that? Also, I have slimmed down enough that my pants are falling completely off, and this is a good thing. I was getting rather portly. Good thing I have brought a belt this year.
It is 6 pm om Tuesday night, rush hour, and horns are blaring mightily out there. Bangalore is the honkingest city in the world!
I hope you are all well. I really am about ready to come home, but as soon as I get this shipping done, I will be free to do some fun stuff like take Keri out for beers at Pecos, go to Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens, and MTR, that place where you get 12 courses for 2.00 betas!
Be well! Love you all and thanks for traveling along with me.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shopping Madness!

Last years wheeling and dealings with Susie and Mir!

Hey all! I just loved all your comments from the last post. I think Gmans advice was best! LOL...
And yes this has been a challenging journey this time and not a total barrel of laughs.
Today I started my shopping frenzy in Bangalore. I have bought 60 shawls from my pal Mir, who you recall from last years posts with the knives and exquisite carpets. Now the Indian way to do business is very very slow and I spent 4 hours with Mir, choosing shawls one at a time, eating lunch with them, and chatting. I have met Mirs daddy who is visiting from Kashmir as well. While in the store I met a man from Napa County, and some of you know I live in Sonoma County, so as we were neighbors practically when you are speaking of the world...we chatted awhile as well. Then Mir told me, please pretend this is your shop, it will be fun for all of us! I said, well what do you want me to do? He said, boss us around and be a little mean when customers come in. When they see a white woman bossing in the shop they will think I am in charge and will feel more trust...OK so lying will make them more trust? LOL
Now excuse my way of writing but I have spent a week in Delhi, then a week in Goa listening to Brits, now Bangalore and my accent is all crazy as well as my way of thinking. Keri and I noticed that after a couple days in Goa, we started speaking like with brits, everything sounds a little like a question, isn't it?
Ok so then I left Mir and had to go to my favorite jewelry shop to buy Mr Ratburn a new wedding ring because Mr Ratburn lost his ring at the beach on Thanksgiving weekend. Now, let me tell you, in 26 years that I have known him, I have never seen this man so upset as the day he lost his wedding ring. This wedding ring we bought together in Bangalore on our 20th anniversary, as well as a new ring for me. And, I can tell you this, something I never expected. When we bought these rings together, after 20 years of marriage and all its ups and downs, that they meant more to us then the ones we gave each other on the day we were married in 1988. Then when he lost it, I couldnt believe how heavy it was for us.
So, we have been joking that he is just my boyfriend now untill we get him a ring. I am a little stressed about the size though. I hope I got it right.
OK so now I am at my hotel on the lame ass computer with...YEP, you got it, sticky keyboards.
So, I have a ton of work to do in next couple days. The most intense part will be shipping my textiles. I will be home before you know it!
Then the pics will come..but I have to warn you...I havent taken very many pictures this year....after 7 times, I am rather tired of shooting the same stuff over and over.
Ok so, off to my room, there is a teeny bottle of airplane whiskey awaiting me for the end of the day. Hope this post finds you all well and I wish my trip was more exciting for you all.
Perhaps a few emails are in order....
Love Susie

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Bangalore Ahoy!

Bangalore = eating fest!

Ok I am in Bangalore but Keri stayed in Goa for multiple reasons. I think she will like it better than Bangalore anyway. I now have to work! I usually come to Bangalore first and then Goa and Delhi so this feels a little backwards, but I saved alot of money to do it this way.
Now, I know that my blog posts have been sorta boring but some things are just better left untold. What happens in Goa stays in Goa. I will tell you that last night I was almost in a chick fight/barroom brawl for the first time in my fact, I have sortof decided for now anyway that I have had enough of Goa and her drunken expat bitchy brits who think they own the place. Keri and I were told that we were not welcome there, and were not invited there...To Goa, by a drunken old brit broad. Um ok, last I heard, we are all welcome here. Glad it didnt come to blows but might have had we not had the sense to leave the bar immediately.
To all you old expats in Goa I say this: I challenge you to find something to do other than drinking beer all day, America bashing, and ya know, try smiling once in awhile, it wont hurt.
Now let me tell you, this trip I have been freezing, and then totally overheated but the second I stepped of the plane in Bangalore....ahhhh, 75 and breezy! Thats my Bangalore. Happy to be here.
Now I got some clothes to wash, get cleaned up from dirty sunny old Goa, and some major shopping and shipping to do.
Hope you are all well!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Still Chillin'

Hello everyone. I am still in Goa and having a ball! The usual, drinking too much, lying by the pool. watching the sunset and shopping. Last night we even went out to a disco with 4 scottish lads that are staying in our hotel. Thank goodness we brought them with us because the disco was full of Indian men and that was about all. It was super loud, and the ceilings were 6' tall only! Neon green and sparkly planets painted on the walls. Interesting cultural experience, hmnn....
Today is my last full day in Goa and then tomorrow I will head to Bangalore to finally get some work done. Usually I go to Bangalore first so I feel a little backwards here.
SO what to do today? Just working on my tan!
Have a lovely day!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Salcete, Goa

Hello everyone we are enjoying the lovely warm sunshine of Goa, the yummy food, and the tremendous warmth and hospitality of these people. I brought myself a nice little cold from Delhi so I'm still working that out.
Spent quite a few hours in the bar last night chatting with lots of people. Totally fun. Today I have to buy a dress or two, I am so dirty ewwww!
Hope this post finds you all well.
Love Susie

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Having Fun Now

Sanjay and Susie in 2007?
(I really cant remember but when I googled Rikhi Ram this is the first pic that came up, scary a little...)

Hello all. Well this is our last night in Delhi, we hope. The fog has decended upon Delhi and that means airport problems. So Inshallah we will be in Goa by tomorrow afternoon. There we will not be cold anymore but hot, hot, hot!
Today we had a really fun time hanging out with my pal Sanjay who owns Rikhi Ram music in Delhi. I have posted about him before. Of course, hanging with Sanjay always means excellent tea, and a sitar, tabla, and veena performance. Sanjay is an excellent musician and owner of his music shop which once belonged to his grandfather and are the exclusive makers of sitars for Ravi Shankar and his daughter Anoushka. So yes, a super treat to be at Rikhi Ram and today was no exception. I almost bought a Kashmiri instrument called a rabab but talked myself out of it because I have been here 6 days and already overloaded with treasures.
If you want to know more about Rikhi Ram Music you can google it, they are quite well known.
After visiting Sanjay we headed back to Pahar Ganj and visited with my pal Preem and perused his endless collection of tribal jewelry made from South Indian ebony and bone. More tea! Then we came back to room and are now suffering a little with our load. I feel like a camel everytime I come here! LOL So much stuff to carry.
I hope you are all well and I will see you next from the lovely Arabian Sea in Goa.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Delhi Kicks Our Asses, Film At 11

Happy New Year everyone. It's 7 :40 am on New Years Day. I have been up since 4:30 because I went to bed at midnight exactly....heard lots of bombs going off and stuff out there. Happy to be in the room after one of the most intense days I have ever spent in India.
I felt pretty ok after that accident, but I was worried about Keri and of course I feel awful that she had to experience that. I was ready to move on, you know, get right back on that bicycle I say. But this morning when I woke up, I was totally depressed and really working my brain over those two men. A couple of things were really playing over and over in my mind. One, how close Keri came to being injured badly. Two, how badly the motorcycle driver was dragged and injured. Thanking whatever that this man was wearing a helmet, knowing they are both most likely alive today but hurting. And the gas that was pouring out of the crushed motorcycle gas tank all around us. Later on, I realized that that gas could have ignited, we could all have been hurt etc.
I think we can just call this PTSD. I cannot wait to get out of Delhi HELLHI but I am going to have to wait til Sunday.
Keri is afraid to get into a rickshaw now and I dont blame her at all and I sure as hell ain't gonna make her. But, I have to get in a rickshaw I have stuff to do. I have business to take care of and I cannot afford taxis. I know I will be OK I always am.
Now I want to say that I was in Agra and of course my heart and thoughts were on Mona Dear who I did not want to bother during this time in her life. I hope you will know Mona, that I am thinking of you but I wanted to respect your privacy. Be well, dear one.
I am an emotional blob right now oyyyyyy!
This morning on the front page of the Times Of India was a full page open letter to the people of India to reach for peace with Pakistan. Reading along, it was lovely, and then partway through their peace rant, gently flung the blame back at Pakistan. WHAT THE FUCK? I hope I am not the only one to catch this cheap move. Shame on you, India. Peace and forgiveness or blame, make up your fucking mind.
Happens every year. India just splits you right open. Most of all, I feel that I am one helpless grain of sand in this crazy fucked up place and I cannot do anything to protect these people that I love from themselves. And I want to say this to you, Little Rita, you are not coming to India ever, unless you really want to... I set that dream free now my girl, you dont want to come here and I will never make you.
Have a wonderful New Year all of you!