Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why I Am

Happy Monday, everyone. This pic was taken yesterday in 100 degree heat, and I am positively melting! It's pretty unusual to have weather like we got on Friday and Saturday, incredibly hot and humid, so most people, including our neighbors with their starter mansions do not have a/c around these parts. That means when it's hot, we just have to suffer. We don't even have an awesome town pool to run to. Well, in truth, there are two pools in town, one waist depth pee enhanced kiddie pool and the other a lap only pool where you could literally get run over if you are not a fast enough swimmer. Hmm, which do I choose?
I guess at this point I ought to have some updates for you...lets see...
Little Rita got braces again.
I am getting a little portly.
School is back and boy am I happy about that.
In less than 4 months, I am going back to India for the 7th time!!
I had so much fun in Las Vegas that I cannot talk about it.
Mr Ratburn likes Seattle now. At last we can talk about moving...
Mr Ratburn spilled beer in my brand new keyboard last night.
The 3 key in my brand new keyboard is jammed and smells like Red Hook.
My neck is killing me again.
DMB slayed the crowd at Outside Lands festival in Golden Gate Park yesterday!
Watched the entire show on the computer, no traffic, and it was free. Besides it was 100 yesterday, no thank you!
Little Rita is one inch taller than me, and she is getting super sassy. OYYY!!!
I do love my new computer, except for the sticky 3.

Have a Lovely Day!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And sometimes in the midst of all my crimes....

Check out this Youtube of DMB w/ John Popper. That man is crazy!
What I really went looking for is this song, Look Around, one of my Blues Traveler favorites. I found this crunchy live version but if you are a Popper fan, tell me you don't get all choked up watching him sing Look Around...then I dare you to stick around for the other 5 minutes of cool stuff. It's ok if you don't wanna, though. You know I put this here for me.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Much Fun Had By All

No, we don't want to talk about it.
: P

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lookout Vegas, Trouble Ahead!

I'm outa here for the week. Wednesday is my sisters 50'th birthday and we will be tearing up the strip!
Then on Friday, Jeanne's oldest son, Garett, will marry his lovely Nicole in Las Vegas and hopefully not by an Elvis preacher! (Oh heck, why not!)
Anyway, you know what they say....


Friday, August 07, 2009

Dress Me up In Liverwurst & Camembert Cheese!

Does anybody know which film this is from?
Answer found in the second floor dungeon, jewelry department.

Have a Lovely Day!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Old Tyme Fun

I scanned a few of those photo booth strips I was tellin' you about! The one on bottom right is from last Thursday.

I just gotta find those really old ones...

Have a Lovely Day!