Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Weird Legos and a Susie Quiz

Ok, I know this picture is totally frickin weird! That's why I put it here.....don't worry, it's just blackberry juice. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT click on the's gigantic and really scary that large!
I thought i'd make a Susie quiz just for fun. It's about me...take it if you want. I expect at least 4 or 5 of you to get a perfect score! There are no prizes..well, I'll give ya a kiss if you get 100%. ok? :P
Mr Ratburn has a quiz too if ya wanna.......

It's Wednesday, and time for The Idiot and Barefoots Top Five...head on over to Idiots Paradise!

And then, there's this issue of what happens when you let adults play with Legos!

What fun! Yes, they are all Legos!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Y Kant Tori Read anyway?

UPDATE: This quiz has officially closed at midnight EST, on Tuesday night.....and I declare a winner! Mr Chronicles of Chaos, come on down, you are the Tori expert with 90%... Email me your mailing address, Aerik, I got a prize for you!

Wow! Last weeks quiz was a total disaster, wasn't it, kids? Lets see if we can do better this week! Here is todays Tori quiz, and.....I'm not gonna say know what I am thinking..... (casts evil eye toward the Poconos)

Last weeks winner still has not come forward, so if you are out there Toofarforgotten, I have a prize for you! If you need more Tori, be sure to check out PG and Aeriks sites today too!
Bonus Q: Name this movie quote "Double prizes....alright!!!!"

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Fat Cats

Do not overfeed your cat!


Friday, May 26, 2006

55Flash Fiction Friday

It cant be Friday again....write a complete story in 55 words with a character and a plot? Sheesh, my eyes are barely focused here. Gimme a break, I just can't do this right now. Why did that cat wake me up at 6 am, cold paws on my face, purring louder than an Evinrude?

Happy Friday everyone! I'm looking forward to reading YOUR flash fiction...let me know if you've played!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Kiss me here.....

...biting, optional.

Wonder what Ratburn is up to this week?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tori virgin upsets Tori Trivia Title.....

There was a major upset in the world of Torinews yesterday, as Lime from the House of Lime came out victorious as the very first winner of our very first Tori quiz.
Surpassing self proclaimed Tori experts, Lime, who has been listening to Tori for just a short time now, was forced to undergo intense scrutiny from a panel of quiz writers in order to prove that she in fact did NOT Google. Her fingernails tugged upon, toes pulled and stretched and odd angles, and various other torture methods proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Lime's perfect score of 100% was obtained fairly and squarely!
I would now like to present to Lime, the grand prize, hand selected and carried in from Nepal on the backs of yaks in a snow storm.

Yes! It's true! What I have for you Lime, is your very own teeny tiny Tori patch! Now you can be the hippest kid on the block sporting a Tori patch on your jeans, backpack, or wherever you should decide to proudly display your Tori!
Congratulations, Lime!
Be sure to check back next week for another Tori trivia quiz! Once you have already won, you cannot win again, so....go ahead...get another 100% Next week "Miss gone from Tori virgin to Tori expert in 3 months, with one arm no less!"
(I can get you protection from Lefty if ya need it!)

THIS JUST IN: The Blogger Board of Inquiry (BBI) demanded an investigation into the surprising upset in the first weekly tori quiz. Trinidadian judges strenuously objected to further squeezing of Lime. However, the Persian delegate demanded a more thorough exploration of circumstances.
As the probe commenced sources wishing to remain anonymous told investigators, "yo, i hoid it on good authority that while da citrus broad didn't google, da results ain't quite fair and square. There's more than one way to cheat, ya know!"
"We already know she can take pain but take her chocolate away and I bet she sings like a boid."
Under intense scrutiny, Lime insisted, with wagging finger and biting of lip, 'I did not google that quiz!" However, under further pressure, she admitted multiple attempts at the quiz under assumed identities.
As Lime was being dragged off in shackles, she was heard screaming, "I can be cruel, I don't know why!"

In light of this confession, we rightfully acknowledge Toofarforgotten as the winner. We take no responsibility for the repercussions that Toofarforgotten might inflict upon Lime for attempting to steal his title! Lime is being held in protective custody until further notice.
Toofarforgotten, if you are out there, you are the winner.....I don't have your email, so come forward and claim your prize!

PS If you are looking for Deserted Island Top Five, it's over here at the Idiots place! First one there gets to pick the topic today.....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I need a big loan from the girl zone....

Guess what I got in the mail last week?

I've been watching it all weekend. This DVD contains over 20 of Toris best videos. It is a must have for all Tori fans! I highly recommend it. If you have never seen Tori perform live, you will also get to see that here. I really love the Past the Mission video.....set in Spain (I think) and an entire village stars in the video, it's totally cool!
Here's my very first Tori Quiz, and there are prizes! Yay! No googling allowed!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Black Market Leftorium™

Identity UPDATE: WhadidItellya, ya knuckle head? If it says it's Lefty, then it's Lefty! Now get outa here before I make ya part of my new cement patio. That ain't Kermit, sheesh!

Yo pal, c'mere...I got some more stuff for ya. I've been diggin' around and you ain't gonna believe what I found. That's right, more amazin' left handed stuff for you, Lefty LaRue!
What I have here today are two very fine left handed watches. The one on the right, a vintage Marina Militaire. Quite the bargain at a mere $399.95. Hey! Do you have any idea what I had to do to convince Vinnie to hand it over before he tossed the body into the lake? Trust me, it's worth every dime!
The one on the left, pretty fancy aint it? It's a steal ( ahem!) at 250 bucks.
Too fancy? I got some plain left handed watches I can let ya have for a mere $49.95. That is such a steal, I can't even show em to ya here. Let me know if yer interested, I'll meet ya out back in the alley.
Hey mac, before ya go, get a load of these two left handed kitchen utensils. Don't ever let a righty tell ya that it don't matter which hand ya use the peeler in. I'm tellin ya it does. You got a problem wit that?
No more scraped knuckles either, Lefty! I'm tellin ya, you need this!
Would ya lookit that can opener, folks. The windy gizmo is on the left side, where it oughta be for folks like you n' me.
These two handy items are imported from the UK, so they are gonna cost ya $10 smackeroos a piece. Got that, wise guy?

Now get outa here.....I gotta see a man about some concrete overshoes.

Friday, May 19, 2006

55Flash Fiction Friday

Side by side in the studio they sat. Majestic purple and blue dragon, flames shooting from his nostrils, talons raised, and one little yellow bird, with black dots for eyes. Ugly Duckling, personified.
The little yellow bird looked up at the dragon lovingly,
"I want to be just like you when I grow up, daddy."

Ok, that's my 55 for this week, can't wait to read yours! OK, I know you are all (Logo) gonna say that personified thing doesn't make sense, but I'm a rebel and I'm leaving it.

(In case you were wondering, yeah, yeah, thats the stupid Woodstock head I made. I know it came out soooooo plain and boring, but what was I to do with a 2 dimensional plain yellow bird with two black dashes for eyes? (The client wanted the smile) And, I had to charge an hourly rate for my labor. I knew that they could have bought something ready made for about the same, but I will give my right arm if anyone out there can find a Woodstock head for sale!
Most importantly, the kid I made it for was ecstatic, and that's what counts! Now, let's just hope he was listening to me when I told him to make sure to put two ice packs inside that head or he is going to be one dead bird by the end of the parade!)
In case you were wondering:
newspapers: recycled
starch: 4.95
balloon: stolen from Little Rita
paint: 4.00
bottle of champagne for r and d: 20.00
blood, sweat and labor: about 7 hours
Total cost to client: way too much!!!!
Do I have a cool job or what?

Now its your turn, I can't wait to read your 55!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


My first two HNTs back in September and October starred Little Rita's nose and her Upside Down Whale Mouth character. That one sure brought a lot of laughs, and really inspired me to come back and give it another try!

The first HNT that was actually of my body parts was the octopus tattoo. It sure was fun looking back on all the old HNTs...can't wait to see yours!

Happy One Year of Half Nekkid Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Welcome to my Black Market Leftorium™

It was a dark and stormy night......

Psst! Hey you over there! Lefty! The one with the stains on your shirt. What's that there? Chocolate Ice Cream? And that......gravy? Ya havin' a problem again with them right handed utensils, aincha pal?

Well now, today is your lucky day, yesiree! What I have right here is a left handed ice cream scoop. Not just any old ice cream scoop! NO! This ice cream scoop once belonged to Southpaw Sam. Poor feller, was workin' in the ice cream shop the day of the massacre. Never knew what hit him. The ice cream scoop, mint condition. I'll let ya have it for $16.95. Hey remember, it's vintage!

But that's not all nooooo, it's not...see this? Its a gravy ladle with a spout on the proper side for you, lefty larue! Yessiree! It ain't got no special history or nothing like that. It's hot and it's new, NRFB.
On special today for a mere $8.95.

What's that yasay? You'll take 'em both? Yes, yes, smart boy! That'll be 30 smackeroos. Oh, you're very welcome! At Black Market Leftorium™, we aim to please.

Oh and hey, buddy, if you see the cops, you ain't seen me, ok? Dis is all on the QT!

Hey, if you're lookin' for The Idiot and Barefoots Official Weekly Tropical Top Five™, it's over on the Idiot's blog....yeah, that Susie is still being a slacker rebel!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

That game with the letters, and Tori too!

This is how it works: Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter in your journal, including an explanation of what the word means to you and why, and then pass out letters to those who want to play along. Of course If you want to comment but not be assigned a letter, that's an option too. So I'll only assign letters to those who specifically ask for them.

So here's the Susie know I must have visuals. Here we go!

Samosa - A samosa is a vegetable or meat filled Indian pastry. My favorite are aloo mattar (which is potato and peas for you, Logo). I love to eat them with all types of chutneys, and I love to make them too. I have a giant scar on my arm from when a tsunami of hot boiling oil rose up in rebellion from a monstrous samosa and splashed onto my arm. Get right back on that bike and ride, I say!

Spices- I love to cook Indian and Italian food, and what would I do without my spice stash? I cannot live without my oregano, thyme, rosemary, black pepper, cumin, curry, chili powder, garam masala, panch pora....and so many others. I have so many spices that when you open the cabinets, they fall out on the floor!

Suede and Sugar - Two of my favorite Tori songs! Tori said I could skip Tori Tuesday today if I promised to mention her in my S words. Of course, Tori, of course! My day wouldn't be complete without you.

Sunshine - need it, gotta have it!

Sandals - I love shoes, all kinds. I even appreciate Manolo's. But for real walking and life, I prefer barefoot or open toed sandals like my chacos here. I don't have any tennis shoes, or whatever they are called....and I don't know how to buy them so that they don't make my feet cry out in horror. Someday I will buy some running shoes, and maybe become like Forrest Gump, that's how I get sometimes about stuff.

Simple - that about covers it.

Smile - Well, you know..... smiling is good for you! Giving smiles is good too. You can break a lot of ice with a friendly smile.

Saree - A traditional Indian woman's garment. I chose this word because I love sarees. I like to wear them, and I like to cut them up and make fabulous clothing and stuff out of them. The borders are fabulous! They are also really fun to use for decorating, because you have a lot of yardage in one saree.

Southpaw - I am a lefty and I cannot help it. One day, like Ned Flanders, I will open up a Leftorium at the mall. My offspring shall inherit my Leftorium because she is left handed too!
Never again will I dream of a left handed manual can opener, or an ice cream scoop with that lever thing on the proper side. I will be able to pour water from a pitcher without spilling it, because the pour spout will be in the left place! :P

OK there ya have it. Let me know if you want a letter!
If you need more Tori be sure to check out Aerik and PG's Sites!