Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin'. Tossed salad and scrambled eggs...

Ok People, I'm outa here for awhile...but I might pop up here, here, or maybe even here, who knows!

But before I do, here's a little Seattle story for you. I was actually at the Seattle Worlds Fair in 1965. What perfect timing! Ok, I was only 4 years old, but I remember being there, and winning this little porcelain black panther. Why was the fair still open three years after it debuted? I have no idea...but I was there, I swear it!

Ok, so here's the other thing that happened sister and brother and I were staying in a big hotel with my mom, because we were in the process of moving to Alaska. So, there I am, clutching my little black panther that I had just won, on our way up to our room. The elevator doors open and I step in. The elevator doors close. But...wait! Mommmmm? Jeanne? Jimmy? Where is my mommyyyyyyyy???? Where are my siblings?

Then I glance at the elevator buttons, there must've been 500 of them lit up! I have no idea what floor we are staying on. Heck! I barely know what an elevator is! Just then the door opens, and I step out into this enormous hallway, red carpet, red walls, huge paintings with tacky gold frames. What th'?

So there I am, 4 1/2 years old, standing there, all alone, petrified, red curtains, carpet, walls and everything. Then a man approached me and asked me if I needed help. Now fortunately, in those days, a kid could still get lost without ending up on the back of a milk carton. This nice man took my hand, and back into the elevator, and when the doors opened on the lobby, there was my mom, and a slew of hotel employees all set to search for me. Boy, was I relieved!
And that is my earliest memory of Seattle! See you all when I get back!

The Blob

A very blobby elephant sign.

Big, red and blobbity!

Total blobby!

Double gigantic blobaliciousness!

Ok, what's the deal with Seattle and big blobby things?

Leave me some love notes! Bye everyone!

Friday, July 21, 2006

55Flash Fiction Friday

Amber said...
The lion crept closer to her, smelling her sweet breath hanging in the morning air. "Shall I bite her" thought the hungry lion. She seemed to be dreaming so sweetly, about a mandolin perhaps. Or whatever instrument that is. Suddenly he was distracted by a child in the distance. "ooh, a child, so much tastier."

le chat qui a peur said

And all she could think about while that beast was nibbling on her ear was, "did I buy milk? Oh, and eggs, we're definately going to need eggs this weekend." His breath was hot on her ears and after that first bite, he spoke those oh so familiar words, "tastes like chicken."

OK, If I don't get back here to write a 55 about this painting, why don't you write it instead? As you can see, I've already stolen Amber and Le chat's 55's.......shameless, I tell you!

barefoot_mistress said...
She was as lazy as a tiger on a hot, dripping, monsoon day. Shamelessly, she lounged about, as the jungle simmered without her.

One by one, throughout the humid unrelenting day, the stories came. She had only to lie there and be told she tastes like chicken, or that a child would be better prey...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Oh no, pretty mama, what you gonna do in those shoes?

Ooooh, look at these totally fun shoes I got yesterday when I took Little Rita shopping! Sometimes having smallish feet rocks, because I bought these in a childrens store. And they are totally comfortable, orange suede and metallic stuff! Little Rita got some blue ones!

That's my sexy red good fortune door!

Tell us what you're gonna do tonight, mama.
There must be someplace you can go
In the middle of the tall drinks and the drama,
there must be someone you know.

(ack! I know, silly orange shoes don't exactly conjur up drama!)

God knows, you're lookin' good enough,
but you're so smooth and the world's so rough.
You might have somethin' to lose.
Oh, no, pretty mama, what you gonna
do in those shoes?

There's no place like home!

Got those pretty little straps around your ankles
Got those shiny little chains around your heart.
You got to have your independence
but you don't know just where to start.

You just want someone to talk to
They just wanna get their hands on you
You get whatever you choose
Oh, no, you can't do that,
Once you started wearin' those shoes.

Haha! I know that song is about stilettos or something like that, but that just ain't my style! Happy HNT to you all!

OMG Look what Kyle has done to my new shoes! I must've been outa my mind last night, or was it a Trainwreck?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Little squishy purple ball things... will make you die.....

Shamelessly stolen from somewhere off the web:

Carson Daly Prods, has signed talent/development deal with Brooke "Brookers" Brodack, who has made quite a name for herself on YouTube. We're sure you do, but just in case you don't know what YouTube is, it's a phenomenally popular Web site that holds videos watched at the rate of about 40m per day.
Brookers, as she's known as by tens of millions of YouTube viewers has been posting videos for about nine months, mostly featuring her doing pieces to camera, often miming to sound tracks.
The one that brought her to wide attention was her homage to Gary Brolsma's Numa Numa.

It's clear that Brookers has gone a number of steps beyond just plonking herself in front of her Web cam (as many homages do), they're more of a production, using changing camera angles and locations.
Of course it's not all about TV deals, realising the size of her audience, she's recently posted an entry asking for people to donate to her car fund. Very cheeky.
How many people will continue to be able to show their talent like this in the future isn't clear as various music industry voices have been talking about stopping 'their music' in personal videos. Strange - we thought it actually promoted the music.

If you havent already, check out Brookers News!
And this, Brookers My United States of Whatever!

Ok I think this chick is totally cool! Check her out! Yeah yeah, this is teeny bopper stuff, WHATEVAH!!!!

And, while I'm pimping people out, be sure to check out IDIOTS PARADISE today where the Idiot and I must deal with Mutiny on a Deserted Island! The natives are restless folks, I'd get over there while you still canwe are still alive!

We're chained, we're ch-ained.....

Ok, I found the coolest Video this weekend on! Check it out! If you like the Pixies, I think you will really enjoy this video!

I also found this and this, for all you Tori fans. Very rare videos of Toris cereal commercial and a song from her rock chick days. Terrible, just terrible! But, a must see for all EWF.

Look what else I got when I googled Tori Amos! Hee hee! Click on it if you cant read it, it will get bigger!
This is for my three favorite Tori men, QL, Aerik, and our long lost Persian Guy~ Yes, yes you ARE Tori MEN, not Tori guys, ewwww!!! There's a big difference!

Have a swell day, everyone!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Happy Stomp Day, T-Rex!

What the hell am I talking about? I dont know. It's Monday.
Those Dinos up there want another day of the week, like Stompday or Rex day!

Personally, I could use a Sleepday!

What would you name your extra day of the week(end)?

BTW, Tommys answers to his 5 questions are up on his blog! Go check him out!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

55Flash Fiction and, Noojie and Tommy get their Guns!

Her sweaty hands stuck to the steering wheel as she veered her car into the crowded, mammoth parking lot. No problem, she knows about the "secret parking spots."
At last, heading toward the front entrance, her mind reeling in anticipation, she suddenly stops and remembers to thank the gods, and kneeling, she does just that.

Susie worshipping IKEA and thanking Ganesh, the great remover of obstacles, for no traffic on the 101 baby!

OK, I know it's silly, but I'm going to IKEA today and I really like it in there! Have fun writing your 55's, and have a lovely weekend!

Madam Noojes, I could have asked you 100 questions about yourself and India! But here I have narrowed it down to five, and I'm sorry if they are a little leaning toward my Indian obsession, but I just cant help it! (By the way Noojie, I stole this pic from Jerry!)

Oh Noojie dear, you look simply divine!

1.There has not been one time that I've been in India, that I've not been reduced to tears by the amount of poverty and homeless children. This is one question I ask all people living in India. How does one deal with the immense poverty and frustrating stuff like beggarwallahs?

2. Noojie, you are a very modern Indian gal, indeed! What are some of the ancient traditions, customs and things about India that you cherish, that are a big part of your life, that you blend into your very modern lifestyle?

3. Tell us about your two years in Australia and what it was like when you first arrived there, the contrasts and all.

4. The day of or before the bombings in Mumbai, you said that you dreamed of mermaids. That really stuck in my head......did you figure out what the mermaids meant?

5. You said you love Sex and the City. Being that I dont have any TV channels, I've rented all of them over this year and wow I love, love, love, Sex and the City too! I think i'm sortof a combo between Miranda and Samantha! What about you, which girl are you, Noojes? And, hows that search for the new Mr. Big going? (Mr. Big...YAAAR, GIVE HIM TO ME! Drool drool!)

Pardon me while I drool!

Ok Now it's your turn Tommy Gunn!

If Tommy feels so inclined, he can explain what the hell he's doing in this pic too!

1. Hi Tommy! You've been through hell in a handbasket lately. Howya doing? (You may get as personal as you like, since the answers go on your blog.)

2. I know that you make beer, Tommy. Rumour has it that you have two flavours in which you went so far as to have lovely ladies pose for your labels. Is that true? So, tell us a little about your beermaking hobby and how you got into that, and tell us about the newest beer you have brewin!

3. Being in the military, you've lived in lots of different places. Tell us about some of the very different and unique places you've lived or served, and some of the really unusual parts about those places, and you know, is it true, Tommy, theres no place like home?

4. Tommy, tell us about your DJing days!

5. Ok Tommy, for this last q, which is not really a q at all, I want your top five deserted Island CDS, yes, you get to pick entire CDs! Yay!

Thanks for playing Tommy and Noojes, and I look forward to reading your answers!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

You wish you all could be California girls!!!

Just kidding, y'all! This picture was taken by Mr Ratburn in Malibu in 1987. Did we even work? How did we find all this time to hang around at the beach doing nothing but soaking up rays and erm, playing volleyball, yeah volleyball, thats right.

What sort of stuff did you do in your barefoot, wild and carefree 20's?

Happy HNT to you all, and hope you're having a fabulous summer!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

In which Renny and Lisa Pizza are Grilled.......

I have a new blogging pal named Renny, who is from Oslo, Norway. I don't really know him all that well, so let's pry a little! RennyBA, I have your five qs!

1. So that we can all get to know you a bit better, may I ask you to write me a 55 in which you tell me a little about a hobby of yours?

2. I saw your post in which you dispel the myth about polar bears roaming the streets of Oslo. Is there anything else about myths, lore or local reputation that you'd like to straighten out right here while you have the chance?

3. On your blog in May, you wrote about the russ festivities, the wild celebrations of graduating students in your country. Please tell us what you did when you were, erm, russing.
Don't worry about your reputation, it's safe here!

4. On your blog, you mentioned your hometown of Porsgrunn and it's famous porcelain.

Crazy locals joke:

Let me end with a saying about people from Porsgrunn, which I hope you understand: Never serve them soup for a late supper!
Why: because they will always turn the bowl over to see if it is made by PP.

OK Renny, I have to know, have you ever turned your soup bowl over to see if it was PP? And also, please tell us about some of your favorite handcrafts, arts or foods that Oslo is famous for.

5. And lastly, Renny, what do you think about the president of the United States? Do not hold back, we can handle it!

Thanks for playing Renny! You can post your answers on your blog and let me know when you're ready...take your time!

Wow, Rennys answers are up already on his on over and check them out!

And now everyone please meet Lisa Pizza
, who happens to be married to a real life very good pal of mine. Hi Miss Pizza, here are your five questions.

1. I know that you are an only child, and as you know, I just have that one little blonde kid.
So, I was wondering what your feelings are on the only child thing. Did you enjoy it? Were you lonely? Have I wrecked my child already? Please elaborate!

2. Please tell us about Helping Hand Worldwide, the non profit that you work for, and what you do there and such.

3. Lisa, as you know, I've known your husband, Sideways Sam, for almost 30 years now, and I am quite aware of his unquenchable musical appetite, tastes and obsessions. This is a two part q, first of all, how has living with such a music maniac affected your life, your living space, your hearing? And, two, what are some of your musical interests, that may or may not be completely different from Sams?

4. What sorts of hobbies and antics interest you enough to keep you out of trouble?

5. You said you were originally from Chicago, and i'm not going to go back and check because I'd better have this right! Tell us a bit about what it's really like to live in that mythical Southern California wonderland, how old you were when you moved there, what were your first impressions, and, what's your screenplay all about? ;) (a little Los Angeles humor there!)

Thanks for playing, Lisa! I look forward to hearing your answers!

Tommy and Noojie, Im still working on your 5 qs, ok? :X

Saturday, July 08, 2006 are jumpin' the cotton is high.....

UH OH! Someone is feeling rebellious again, and you know what that means. I'm just sayin', I have to drop this Tori Tuesday and a few other thangs and just roll with the flow...I'm sure my five readers will understand.
'Sides, this will wean you offa me for the last week of July when Im outa here for two weeks...but I will have some surprises in store because I am going to meet this gal:

and this guy:

Who knows what will happen! Is it contagious?

Now Pansi, it seems, has a new fan! Little Rita would like me to introduce her new friend, who shall for now be nameless, to Pansi and all her pals. And Pansi, Little Rita asked me if I could have you name this new creature! If you would be so inclined, we would both be delighted, Miss Pansi!

We have received some wonderful name choices from Pansi. Personally, I like Atumna, but Little Rita says that the winner name will be OGGETTE.

"'ll love Amy, she's an artist......." Toy Story 2

Hope you're all having an awesome summer!

Jesus dont want me for a sunbeam........

OK I was dyin' to know what sort of questions Logo would choose to ask me for the "Ask me 5 questions thing", being that she knows me way too well. I thought she did a good job of helping me hide my dirty knickers. Lookit her over there! Isn't she sweet!
If you want me to ask you five questions, just let me know in your comment, and ok, I know this looks long, but it's got lots of pics n stuff so it won't be torture I promise!

1. You have said you make your own shoes, tell us a little about that?
Oh and pics would be great!
Ok, well first let me say that I did make these shoes, but they are NOT my design. For about 18 months, I worked for a shoemaker in Bodega Bay. I have to put a link here for Angel, the woman that taught me to make leather sandals, sheepskin slippers and custom made boots and shoes. Go check her out!
I really loved the experience of shoemaking, but it's heavyweight stuff, and, after 18 months, I had to stop that craft because my hands and shoulders hurt a lot. I love my sandals though, they are custom made, and fit me perfectly. I also make bunny slippers which some of you have already seen, and once I made a pair of bright green satin elf shoes with curly toes!

Hey, quit making fun of my weird toes!

2. Do you remember what taciturn means and why I bring it up?
Logo might think I have memory lapse....Am I allowed to look this up?
Oh, I remember now, its something that I am not! Quiet and reserved! Well, Logo, you've always said that I do not beat around the bush. Perhaps, at 5'1", I have a little bit of the Napoleon in me, spunky, firey, stubborn. I guess it's a survival technique.
I mean, can you imagine what it's like standing in front of a deli counter waiting your turn, when the employee cannot even see your head over the piles of Genoa salamis and wheels of gorgonzola? A shorty like me could starve in situations like that!
Tactiturn and 5'1" do not mix! Trust me on this!

A quasi successful attempt at a taciturn activity.

3. What is the most ambitious wood working project you'd like to attempt?
As some of you know, I have been taking woodworking classes for over two years now. Being very practical minded, I've noticed myself leaning toward functional projects (ie quick and dirty) over fine handcrafted pieces made of expensive woods. I can't stand all that neurotic measuring and fine tuning. Let's build the fucker already, I say!

The most ambitious wood project I'd like to attempt:
I am going to one day buy a beat up old house and fix it up all nice, with wood floors so we can skate through the house, a firepole, an indoor garden thing, swings, hammocks and trapezes in the living room, and an art room with empty canvases tacked to the walls so friends can come over and paint and do art whenever they want to.
Kinda like Pee Wees Playhouse, but a little less Gaymart.

Something I could afford on my artist salary!

4. We've heard about some things you enjoy in India, what are your least favorite?
Hmnnnn...... the things I love the most about India are also the things I hate. I have actually written in my travel journal more than once!, "I FUCKING HATE INDIA AND I AM NEVER COMING BACK HERE EVER AGAIN!" And then, when I get home, I cannot wait to get back there again.

I love the food, but I hate worrying about getting sick.

I love the warm sunny weather, and the humidity is fabulous for moisturizing skin and hair, but having sweaty armpits all the time gets pretty annoying!

I love the men, they are elegant, insightful and intriguing.....and, spoiled, annoying and entirely infuriating!

I love the women, they are earthy, confident and exotic, fuss and argue over who will pleat my sarees, argue who will get to do my hair....and like to tell me what I should do to lose weight, dress differently, why isnt my husband with me? why do I only have one child? what am I doing in India alone? I ought to wear some makeup, I am naughty for having tattoos...etc etc......LOL (oh, I think I love them the most!)

I love the clothing, the textiles, the colors, the bold daring brightness of it all. But sometimes the enormity of it all is completely overwhelming and you just wanna hide in your hotel room and wear beige for awhile!

Ask anyone this question about India, and they might tell you the same. I hate India, I love India!

5. You get one do-over, what would you use it on?
OOOOOkaaayyyy! Well, rather than get all serious...Logo and I had a good laugh over this one, so I will use it....
I was once at a wedding, and I chose a lovely empire waist black and white dress to wear to said soiree. While waiting to use the restroom at the reception, I was asked by a 300 pound woman, "When is your baby due?"

So yeah, I work hard to maintain my cuddly panda bear figure....but being asked by a 300 pound woman when my baby was due? All I could manage was a trembling, "Um, i'm not pregnant," and ran off. (ok, if you dont know what an empire waist dress is, thats where the skirt half of dress is right under the bust like a maternity dress might be...)

Those are always the situations where you come up with that do over later. So, here's my do-over, but i'll bet most of you can come up with better ones!

BIG GAL: When is your baby due?

Teeny little panda bear me: "Well, I dont know, its seems you're carrying for both of us, so you let me know when you unload our babies ok? I'll just be in this regular sized stall, the one you cant fit into."

(In retrospect, this does seem a bit harsh, do you think I could be a little sensitive about my body image? Do these jeans make my ass look big? ARGH!!!!!
I really was terribly crushed by that incident, so forgive me...I can be cruel.)

That was fun! Let me know if you wanna play too!

Friday, July 07, 2006

55Flash Fiction Friday

Happy Friday to you all and welcome to 55! Sorry i'm late, I was just......tuning.
Let me know if you write one on your blog, or write one in my comments! But, most of all, make it 55 words, with at least one character and a plot, and have fun!

On silent paws, she stalks through the tall grass, eyes trained on her next feast. She freezes and waits.
In one mighty pounce, claws unsheathed, she overtakes her prey. Devouring this beast would not suit this mighty hunter. She must first toss it in the air and bat it around a bit.
Beats catfood anyday!

Thursday, July 06, 2006


I couldn't just do a patriotic HNT about America. I love America, but I love our planet even more. All of it. Peace and happiness to all of you, where ever you are, whatever you do.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Idiot's and Barefoot's Tropical Top Five

Todays topic is Whirled Peas. Take it how you want to........have a lovely day, and have fun making your list, and be sure to let us know that you played. (BTW, the Idiot isn't even at work yet, so I made the list myself. He got to work the second I posted my then, he had to make his own it's sorta a double song list day......)

Give Peace A Chance John Lennon
Imagine John Lennon
From A Distance Nanci Griffith
Peace Train Cat Stevens
Blowing In The Wind Bob Dylan

What? No Tori song? Are you guys shocked?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

These Garlands, the Blue Pirouette

Garlands is a lovely Tori song about two friends meeting in New York City to go to a Chagall exhibit. A lot of the lyrics are titles from Chagall lithographs such as the ones shown below. If I was a bit more techno, I'd have some sort of link here for you to go hear it, ack! Someone show me the way!.....anyway, Happy Tori Tuesday!

The Circus Marc Chagall

“The Winged Painter is on uptown” I said
“Will you meet me to go…”
Washington Square
I’m racing there
to get you at
oh the Nocturne noon…
Isabella on the way there stops me
I say I can’t stay today
-I’m off in flight Towards Another Light.
Washington Square,
I meet you there and we go.
now He’s on the run
He’s on the run
From this walking Greeting Card
and Chloe’s Kiss, The Wolf Pit,
The Wine Harvest,
and Phileda’s Lesson
-We’re not his possession
in Winter,
Trampled flowers
in Winter
these Garlands
-The Blue Pirouette,
The Marriage,
The Mimosas,
Black Sun Over Paris…
these Garlands
-The Little Swallow,
St. Paul from the window,
from the 1/2 open window.
Eve incurs God’s displeasure.
Odysseus and Penelope,
Ulysses and Penelope,
The Festival,
In Hell.
in Winter,
The Winged Painter,The Winged Painter,
Washington Square
-Let’s go see a Day in May
from The Winged Painter

The Wine Harvest Marc Chagall

Garlands was released officially as a bonus DVD track on The Beekeeper Limited Edition. The song is set to exclusive content from Tori's book, Piece by Piece, including photographs and text on the DVD.
AmySVP asks: How do you choose the titles for your songs? In your book you were debating on Garlands and you chose Garlands in the end instead of Washington Square - any particular reason why?
TORI: I think that even though Washington Square is a point of place in the song, it didn't put it's arms around the song in a way that Garlands did. If you think of the word garlands as not just a collection of flowers, but a collection of paintings, ideas, and in this case it's a collection of Chagall lithographs.-- Tori; MSN Online Chat, Feb 22, 2005

Trampled Flowers

If you want to see more of the Chagall lithographs that Tori sings about in Garlands, check out this cool site!

Oh, I almost forgot! Be grateful for what ya got this fourth......