Saturday, January 09, 2010

Bangalore Ahoy!

Bangalore = eating fest!

Ok I am in Bangalore but Keri stayed in Goa for multiple reasons. I think she will like it better than Bangalore anyway. I now have to work! I usually come to Bangalore first and then Goa and Delhi so this feels a little backwards, but I saved alot of money to do it this way.
Now, I know that my blog posts have been sorta boring but some things are just better left untold. What happens in Goa stays in Goa. I will tell you that last night I was almost in a chick fight/barroom brawl for the first time in my fact, I have sortof decided for now anyway that I have had enough of Goa and her drunken expat bitchy brits who think they own the place. Keri and I were told that we were not welcome there, and were not invited there...To Goa, by a drunken old brit broad. Um ok, last I heard, we are all welcome here. Glad it didnt come to blows but might have had we not had the sense to leave the bar immediately.
To all you old expats in Goa I say this: I challenge you to find something to do other than drinking beer all day, America bashing, and ya know, try smiling once in awhile, it wont hurt.
Now let me tell you, this trip I have been freezing, and then totally overheated but the second I stepped of the plane in Bangalore....ahhhh, 75 and breezy! Thats my Bangalore. Happy to be here.
Now I got some clothes to wash, get cleaned up from dirty sunny old Goa, and some major shopping and shipping to do.
Hope you are all well!


furiousBall said...

75? seventy... five. arrrgh.

as you might have guessed it's not 75 here.

Unknown said...

Hi Sis, sounds like you have had an action filled trip, this time.
Hope it just gets better from here. well the weather here has been upper 70"s, I love California. It looks like we might be getting some rain, notice I said looks like, because it probably wont rain here. so excited about fabric, I need smaller swatch sizes or longer , what do we do with this piece of fabrics, all golds or rusts that blend, I want to make a doorway curtain , you know for my bathroom. I saw one in Santa Barbara, it was beautiful, it was pieces and then it had some cool beads and things. Anyway that's what I want to make so if you come across any cool remnants that need a home.....Love you sis, hope all is well.....

barman said...

Wow this trip of yours seems to have a few up points and a lot of ... well not so nice things going on. I hope you are able to enjoy yourself as you do the work thing. Enjoy the 75 degree weather.

I can not believe one person spoke for all of Goa saying your were not invited or welcome. She is either crazy or has some set of brass...

Sorry I forgot to check you blog. Silly me. I missed so much. I am just glad everyone is OK.

G-Man said...

You should have Coldcocked the Bitch, then shoved a beer bottle up her ass!!
If they're gonna Yank bash give em something to yak about!!

Glad you are having a swell time..:-)

lime said...

yikes, sounds like life has been....erm...more interesting than usual in india. here's to good times in bangalore. enjoy some of that warmth for me, it's freezing here!

Anonymous said...

sheesh...sorry to hear the news suse, especially as it was a Brit that was giving you KNOW we're not ALL like that ;)
i know you're lovin B'lore already and i know you're gonna have fun at all your usual haunts...!!! ;)
take care darlin xxx

RennyBA's Terella said...

Dear Susie! Sorry I'm late commenting, but you know I love to travel with you to India again!

I'll now try to catch up and I right now I'm reading all 10 posts in my Google Reader so I won't miss anything!

See you again in a second :-)