Friday, March 26, 2010

Greetings from Agra!

This is our hooligan salesman pal, Vikram aka Vikky. He could sell you a part of the Taj Mahal, he could!

No, I'm not really in Agra, just wishing I was. If I was, then I could pop over and ring Mona's doorbell in my ghetto salwar! (Remember I told you, I was horribly out of style this year in that thing, and Mona even called it a nighty, ack!) I'm not sure if this worked or not but I think it's funny that I appear giant and the tower is, I don't know, it looks like I am going to rip it outa there and run off with it....and it's a little perverted too....

A little guy that hangs out by the TajAnother little dude, maybe Vikkys brother I cant remember.

So I have been really busy, I am happy to say. I know I am a terrible blogger and not visiting you and all, but I have to do my work, I just do. Besides, Little Rita is not so little anymore and has to go to college in just four more years. ACK! That is expensive.I hope you are all well out there. For some reason, my India pictures are all out of order and all over the computer, plus, have you noticed the painstaking way you have to drag photos 3 inches at a time around the post? Being a visual person, I really hate that, I do. It is totally cramping my style.
Have a lovely day, I will be sewing....


Mona said...

But Susie, that salwar really suits you! You look great in it!

Susie! Please send Galen a box of Kleenex. He is flooded and in tears over what you did to him! :D

lime said...

i rather like that salwar! the pics as always are great. and yes, the dragging of photos in a post drives me nuts.

LisaPizza said...

The salwar is lovely, but you look more yourself in brighter colors.

It looks like you are trying to climb the tower to me.

Yes, posting photo's is a real DRAG. Ha,Ha,Ha!

RennyBA's Terella said...

You know I always love to read your travel stories from India and watch the great pics you take - thanks for sharing!

Btw: Sorry I haven't been around that much lately as I am very busy at work and also make the best plan for the Oslo Blog Gathering (we will miss you!).

Btw2: Are you still sewing? ;-)