Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ah Sweet Dancer

The girl goes dancing there
On the leaf-sown, new-mown, smooth
Grass plot of the garden;
Escaped from bitter youth,
Escaped out of her crowd,
Or out of her black cloud.
Ah, dancer, ah, sweet dancer!

If strange men come from the house
To lead her away, do not say
That she is happy being crazy;
Lead them gently astray;
Let her finish her dance,
Let her finish her dance.
Ah, dancer, ah, sweet dancer!

WB Yeats



WDKY said...

Or rather...

I did Yeats for A-level.

hello Susie

S said...

hello T A

chez bez said...

Such happy shots. My best to you and yours.

G-Man said...

Yes still blogging like a Madman.
But...The difference is, I only take it seriously on FF55.
The other days are pure self indulgent silliness.
But Fridays...?
I like to set the example of what a true 55 should be.
After all, the torch was passed to me by the best, and I can never drop it before passing it on to someone worthy of carrying the weight and responibility.

Missing you, your sharp tongue, and your barefoot splendor!

lime said...

one of my favorite yeats poems. and lovely pics of lil rita twirling :)

WDKY said...

Blimey. It's like the old days.

S said...

Are we all reunioning up here for OS?