Sunday, February 12, 2006

Unneccessary Plastic Objects

On Sunday, Mr Ratburn, Little Rita and I went down to the city for the day. It was a warm February day, and we had a great time visiting Sutro Baths, Golden Gate Park, and Clement Street. (I'm talking about San Francisco, in case you don't know.)
As usual, we ate our way through the city, then ended up shopping for books at Green Apple and then going into the many Chinese Chach-kie stores along Clement Street. Inside these stores lie many unneccessary plastic objects.
Here are most of the many treasures that we found today. We got some Chinese chicken legs too, but they were camera shy.

Wouldja lookit those crazy sox, and, what would Little Rita's life be like without the Candygirl Tiny Box!?

Ok, now Little Rita can eat her rice with chop sticks like the rest of us. FUN CHOP, get yours today!


Logophile said...

YAY, lil Rita, your folks ROCK!
Cool sox, chopsticks AND the candygirl thingee, what a day.
(insert story about "why, when I was kid...blah blah blah)

CyberWarlock said...

Your post just reminded me that I had wanted to bring in chopsticks for lunch today (we are having chinese lunch for end of CNY celebrations) cuz I hate the cheap wooden ones that they give you. :( But I forgot. Looks like you got some cool stuff though. I love San Fran. I could spent a week in Golden Gate park alone and not get bored. Remind me some time, I have a great pic of me sleeping in a redwood at the botanical gardens.

Anonymous said...

How fun is that!!! Sounds like a day along the Seattle Peers! I want to go I want to go!!!

lime said...

well it looks like a fun time was had by all... i especially dig lil rita's socks!

Stephanie said...

Indeed - sounds like a fun family day!! Very, very funky sockies!!!

Bsoholic said...

Cool, I could use some fun chops for eating with chop sticks!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is really cool.
I like all the plastic stuff and the pictures, oh yeah...the socks!!very stylin!:)

The Village Idiot said...

chickenlegs...what about chicken feet...I hear they make a tasty snack

Hobbes said...

I love those kind of socks, but they're hard to get on. You have to get every toe in the right place.