Friday, March 24, 2006

55 Friday

By the way, HNT is below this post, and yes, I'm still waiting for all 200 of you to get over here and tell me how awesome my HNT is....that's right, you know I went to nearly ALL of the blogs to see what would do it! It's down there........

Some of the bloggers over at Sepia Mutiny play this writing game on Fridays, called 55Fiction Fridays, or 55 Fridays. The idea is to write a complete story in 55 words. I've copied some information below regarding nanofiction as it is also called. I'm going to start 55Fridays today on my blog!
Mind you, I am NOT a writer, I will not even pretend to be one, but, I hope you will all join in, either writing a 55 word story on your own blog, or you can post it in my comments. Have fun!

(By the way, Sepia Mutiny is one terrific blog, you have to check it out. The blog consists of a handful of extremely talented writers that all have their own blogs, but contribute to this one on a daily basis......all the writers are Indian, I do believe, and their topics center around Indian subjects as well as politics, literature and pop culture, all with an Indian twist. Ok, just cuz you aren't a freak about India doesn't mean you can't find this blog absolutely amazing....I'm telling you, these guys are such good writers that sometimes I do not even understand what they are talking about. Whoosh, right over my head!)
If you dare, write short-shorts (shamelessly stolen from Sepia Mutiny)

Today is Friday and that means that at some point in the next 21 hours, I’m going to write 55 words which contain an entire story. I’m not that big on memes but this one (“55 Fiction Fridays”) is precious to me, because it reminds me of writing exercises and workshops and english minor-y goodness. Por ejemplo:

She nervously adjusted her sari, hoping no one noticed. So far, the night had gone flawlessly; she had made a good impression on everyone, she could just tell.

The older woman at the table noted how silk was tugged upwards. Taking a delicate sip of tea, she thought, “She’s not good enough for our family.”

Flash fiction, also called sudden fiction, micro fiction, postcard fiction or short-short fiction, is a class of short story of limited word length. Definitions differ but is generally accepted that flash fiction stories are at most 200 to 1000 words in length. Ernest Hemingway wrote a six-word flash: “For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.” Traditional short stories are 2,000 to 10,000 words in length.[wiki]
That Hemingway example is ridiculously inspiring. One day I want to write a short that short. I don’t even know if there is a name for a short so short. There is, however, a name for the type of writing this meme encourages:
One type of flash fiction is the short story with an exact word count. An example is 55 Fiction or Nanofiction. These are complete stories, with at least one character and a discernible plot, exactly 55 words long.[wiki]

A Hari Krishna temple in Mangalore

Ok, here comes my nanofiction:

Nearly dusk, Mangalore station. Squeezing from the bus, backpack stubbornly wedging between each row of seats, curious eyes search, and find her soul.
Stepping off into a wall of steam, adjusting her pack, her shirt already soaked with sweat. Fear, confusion. Finding a phone, she inserts 5 rupees as drops of sweat roll off her nose.

Rural Karnataka


Logophile said...

ok, here is mine!

In a balmy ocean breeze languid fingers entwine, matching new rings shining brightly. Smiles exchange, tender and private.
Passion flares, and suddenly the sparsely peopled beach seems crowded. Belongings are gathered and stowed as the young lovers hurry to answer the call of love. A lone old woman watches with a smile, remembering joy.

lime said...

woohoo, nice job suse. love the picture too. i posted mine at HOL.

and logo..what a wonderful image!

Stephanie said...

You are all very good at this ... I'm just gonna watch and enjoy!! Great concept Susie!

The Village Idiot said...

Great concept Susie..and its not stealing..its called reuse.

Mine is up at idiotsparadise and is lame and idiotic as usual

Stephanie said...

Ok - I'm back - I've morphed two Friday meme's together. Hope that's ok.

Thomcat said...

how about a story in 5 words ?

i am going home now!

the end

Grimstarr said...

Suze, You made my day. I woke up this morning and checked my blog and what do I find there? Only the nicest compliment anyone has given me in about ten years. I thank you and truly, dear, it is you (OK and Mr. Ratburn too, I guess LOL)who rock. I love visiting and reading about people. It limits the amount of people I can see on any given Thursday but it's quality not quantity for me (although I wish I could get to every one) Thank you madame, for your kind words.
As a writer I tend to be a little verbose. 55Friday sounds like a good way to work on writing more concisely. You did a great job on yours. I'm intrigued. Have a great weekend love and again ... Thank you

Perdante said...

I approve of this idea...I might start using it.

Fig said...

I have a story for you... kind of. I saw the comment you left me and laughed. I thought to myself... Good song Susie... but it's not going to work. I won't get stuck on that one. Fastforward to this morning... I stumble downstairs to check on my cartoon watching daughter... and what is she watching? Charlotte's Web... and now... the song is stuck.

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Pirate said...

I'll have to sleep on this one to come up with a great idea. i love your smile on the HNT.

Yasser Rahman said...

You are so in love with India arnt you! LOL

Your crazy :P But hay, its a beautifull get addicted ;)

Unknown said...

Well, I loved this and am now beginning to understand it a little better. Thank you for providing all the details.


Toadee said...

ok, I'm going to give this a whirl in about 40 minutes (GMT)

what have I got to lose? (actually I'd rather you didn't answer that)

h said...

I'm up. First time. Be gentle.

Is this where you announce "I'm up"?

Anyway, neat blog here!

Anonymous said...

First time listener, first time caller. I hope nobody minds my intrusion... I came across this randomly while looking for inspiration to get my brand-spaking-new blog up and running (I'm looking to find a meme a day, and this is my new Friday meme!). Anyway, I've posted my attempt at my blog:
*agrees with artfulsub* Very neat concept! I've linked back.

myrtle beached whale said...

This is my first time on 55. I would appreciate any comments.

Mojo said...

Hmm. I'm also a 55 virgin, so be gentle (please?). Usally these kinda things you link back to your efforts in a comment, so here you go... my first 55 Sleeveless

Anonymous said...

~~ Friday 55 ~~

Savory sourkraut in its perfection

The deli horseradish mustard with the right bite.

Ketchup, carefully made from succulent tomatoes.

The bun, fresh from a bakery, maybe even still warm, just the right length

Pickle relish, just a little more than a tablespoon.

All this for the juicy Johnsonville brat, grilled to a crusty brown.


Liquid said...

Love it!
I am new at this too and enjoy reading others 55's.


Redheels said...

Back writing a little again. Stop by if you can.

Jeanie said...

The Angel frantically ran past the Pearly Gates, across the gold cobbled stones, and up the golden staircase, screaming “Heaven is ending! Heaven is ending!" Other Angels tried to comfort her but she was beside herself with fear. God finally touched her. “Fear not,” He calmly said. “Heaven is still here. It has not . . . “ phffffft!

LA Nickers said...

Creative 55's!


BringMeFlowers00 said...

A Great Way to Vent!!

They all want a piece of me, I can't get away. I should feel wanted but I just want to run. I can't stand being in my own skin.

They are ankle biting, advise seeking, love reassuring, stationary position, knife stabbing, eye rolling, absent minded, sneakily mischevious, paranoidly controlling, sex starved, wabbling drunk and stoned!!

Dul├že ♥ said...

Walking down the street
She looked up
and saw him, by the window
He saw her down there too
A glimpse and another
A smile
Both full of words
of desire
'Shall I tell her to wait?'
'Shall I wink at him and wave my hand?'
Neither did.
Love flew away
in just a second.

Bubbie said...

"Oh no," I cried, "Why is that man stopped in the intersection?" The man got out of his car, flashers on, and starts "shoo-ing" something. Another man stopped, ran over and picked up a panicked turtle! Jogging, he placed it in a lake while traffic patiently watched. Both men - marriage material, I say!

orionsbow said...

Ok, here's mine.

The weathered, grey haired, former Marine tugged on the clutch lever and eased a tattered boot heel down on the shifter as he watched the speedo ease up to 60. A quickly setting sun melted into the quiet ocean passing on his right. Ahead, the night and an uncertain future. He would remember this ride.

Anonymous said...

Here's mine...

Yesterday Morning

Awake too early. Dressed for work, my eve I plot. iPhone in tow I start my day. Out the drive I’m on my way. Rain falls…I
sit in traffic. No worries, no fright. From behind I’m struck by
his truck. We check, no damage-what luck! I’m on my way thankful
for this blessed day.


Pat said...

Here's mine.

High warm winds blew grit into Jana’s legs like ants biting her as she walked to school. Tumbleweeds rolled across the dry field, bounced into the road and stopped at a fence ahead of her. It was 1956 and the Santa Ana winds were ripping through San Bernardino. It was a metaphor for her life.

Kathy said...

Oh, this paints such an awesome picture in my mind!! Great post. You can find mine here:

izzy said...

I haven't mastered linking, so this is last weeks-

Sunday sermon comes on low
murmurs of the kitchen radio
cabled deep from a world war
twining coffee steam head to heart,
drifting westward to a dim green counter
chrome edge pointing to an open window
and a porch shading morning's
bright promise a red roan horse
walking way beyond triple strands of wire.

Ms. Gibson said...

Hmmm, I came across your cool blog by Brian Miller's WayStationOne blog and the G-Man Blog...Are you from India? You know I've always loved all things Indian. I'm even going there next month! woohoo!
In the meantime, I'm going to look around some more at your blog.

Anonymous said...

I watched him that day, first standing by the stream and then jumping from rock to rock. I thought about how lucky I was to know this man to know his innocence to know his love. In my own innocence I thought he would always be with me. I was wrong, I never knew him.

Jyotika said...

this is my first time on 55friday n i just loved it susie...heres my contri....

Cold winter evening just below the street light my eyes captured a shivering innocence. His face had turned pale wanting a tender care. My approach was unexpected but desired & as I managed to pass him some comfort, nothing was exchanged between us. It wasn’t required as we were already in a relationship called “HUMANITY”.

Uma Anandane said...

That was a wonderful 55 Fiction!

Mine is here

Uma Anandane said...

Wonderful post!
My fiction 55 :

Shanae Branham said...

I would like to try writing 55 word piece but do not know where to start. Do you give us a theme or a picture and then we write about it? Or do we come up with our own topic. I look forward to reading your story. Cheers.

Uma Anandane said...

Nice story! Mine is hereFiction 55 -Photo

Anonymous said...

First time.

CEO Lament*

Lost in her eyes I could not express
At that moment in time my love’s excess
She captured my heart with one little glance
But blind to my mind’s eye jubilant dance
By chance she brushed by me
I became weak in the knees
Almost dropped what I held
I looked like a bad trainee

© 2011 Michael Yost
*It’s 55 words Does it count?

mythopolis said...

Ok, just stumbling on to your site. Here is a story in a sentence, perhaps. And I think it is 55 words, but I get dizzy when counting things:

I awoke on my back on a bed of feathers that clung to my wet skin, and the sky was a black cloudless, moonless, starless emptiness that seemed to have swallowed all the nights I'd ever known, and I shivered to think of what dawn might be like, or if dawn would come at all.