Saturday, February 09, 2008

Bedspread Stash

I just love Indian bedspreads! The most exquisite bedspreads that I have ever seen come from Jaipur. The quality is the best, the colors, unbelievable, and the selection is beyond vast. Most available are excellent and mind blowing.

I know, I know, you are laughing. The irony! I'm still chewing on it. How to get those bedspreads without actually going to Jaipur?
I have actually gotten some of the best bedspreads ever, right at Dilli Haat in South Delhi. (They were made in Jaipur, of course.) This sort of luck is hit and miss. You never know what you are going to get at Dilli Haat, in fact this year, it was all Kashmiri crafts.

Ok man, you all must think I'm rambling on about Indian textiles when I just got back, darn it.
It never stops, this obsession, and besides, someone put me up to this bedspread business.....Why yes, they are for sale.

Hope this helps with your selection, ma'amji.

*You guys didn't really think I ate that tofurkey, did you?


lime said...

they are just so beautiful!

Darkneuro said...

I have bedspread envy.
Especially the top and bottom blues.

Photocat said...

Love that fabric - wonderful! Freezing here today - brrrrrrrr - hugs KB

jillie said...

Tofurkey just sounds WRONG! I loved the blue ones the best. What beautiful colors and fabrics. How does one ever choose?

Breazy said...

They are all so beautiful, especially the one with pink it and red...oh my, how would a person choose which one to purhcase?

Hope you have a great day tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

far too girlie a post for me to comment!!! however i do love the red one with the Nellie on it...!!! ;) xxx